Mar 23, 2022

Matchroom is delighted to announce two additions to the Nineball World Rankings with the addition of the Bucharest Open promoted by Romania's own IDM Pool Tour from May 13-15 at the IDM Club, Bucharest as a ranking event and a further EuroTour tournament in Slovenia from October 1-3.


The Bucharest Open benefits from extensive TV coverage in Romania from national TV station A1 with four tables also available to watch for free on the IDM Pool Tour Facebook page throughout the tournament. The eventual winner will take home $5,000 in first place with the likes of the USA's Shane Van Boening already amongst the list of entrants with vital ranking points on offer.

With the inaugural UK Open Pool Championship set to get underway at the Copper Box Arena, London set to get underway from May 17 to May 22, the Bucharest Open offers the perfect warm-up for players looking for a tune-up ahead of the action in England with a double-elimination stage till the last 32 and a Race to 9 format throughout.

The EuroTour's Slovenia Open joins the schedule alongside the Lasko Open, Treviso Open, St Johann im Pongau Open, and Petrich Open promoted by the EuroTour as ranking events.

Money earned by players during Ranking Events, Major Events, and Blue-Ribbon Events featured on the Nineball schedule will contribute to the standings on the 2023 Rankings as part of Matchroom’s goal to recognise Nineball as the primary discipline of pool worldwide as well as offering the chance for European and USA players the opportunity to qualify for the 2022 Mosconi Cup through the merit of their 2022 performances.

Matchroom Multi Sport Managing Director Emily Frazer said: "It is fantastic to have the Bucharest Open added to our list of Nineball World Ranking events. The tournament offers a great opportunity for players to force their way into contention for the 2022 Mosconi Cup as well as at the same time warm-up for the inaugural UK Open. The team in Bucharest have big ambitions for where they see the tournament heading and with such great exposure already in Romania, I am excited to see where it will head and how we will help maximise exposure for future events. It's already pleasing to see the likes of Van Boening willing to travel for tournaments globally like this. For these events, it's all about careful scheduling sandwiching between the sports major events."

The Nineball World Rankings:

Feature the primary rankings list of an initial Top 32 ranked players with a top-up of a further 8 players, this list will be used throughout the 2022 events for qualification and seeding to the Nineball schedule of eventsFeature the secondary rankings list of live actual ranking points of prize money earnt that will come into effect December 2022 and therefore contribute towards the Mosconi Cup 2022 team qualificationFeature 8 Matchroom promoted events

Event Status (subject to change and review on a yearly basis)

Blue Ribbon > $300,000 +Major Events > $150,000 – $299,999Ranking Events > Up to $149,999

The Nineball World Rankings are open to any tournament recognised by Matchroom and given the approval of Matchroom and sanction of the WPA. Want to be a part of the schedule? Email

About Nineball World Rankings

Find out more as Matchroom launches a global nineball world ranking system. The rankings will become the cornerstone of the game globally to recognise Nineball as the primary discipline of pool, sanctioned by the World Pool-Billiard Association. The establishment of the Nineball World Rankings propels Matchroom’s further commitment to the growth of pool globally.

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