Jayson Shaw wins Turning Stone Classic XXXIV 9-Ball Open

Jan 10, 2022


Here is the complete order of finish for our Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour's, "Turning Stone Classic XXXIV 9-Ball Open", which was held January 6-9, 2022. The event was $25,000 added with a total prize fund of $41,400. There was a full field of 128 players. All players were paid in cash immediately upon their elimination from the event!

1st          $8,000            Jayson Shaw2nd         $5,000            Fedor Gorst (Russia)3rd          $3,600            Abdullah Al Youssef (Kuwait)4th          $2,600            Mika Immonen5/6th       $2,000 each - Johnny Morra, Earl Strickland7/8th       $1,600 each - Dave Dreidel, Tyler Styer9/12th     $1,200 each - Hunter Lombardo, Thorsten Hohmann, Kevin West, Demetrius Jelatis13/16th   $850    each - Bader Al Awadhi (Kuwait), Frank Hernandez, Pat Fleming, Joe Dupuis17/24th   $550    each - Jeremy Sossei, Sourith Thammavong, Bucky Souvanthong, Mike Yednak, Lyn Wechsler, Gregg McAndrews, Tom Zippler, Matt Harricharan25/32nd  $300    each - Holden Chin, Caroline Pao, Jonathan Smith, Brad Guthrie (Can), Jimmy Rivera, Shaun Wilkie, Redgie Cutler, Josh Thiele

33/48th - Tom Acciavatti, Fred Gokey, Brent Boemmels, Yesid Garibello, Johnny Archer, Ray Lee, Troy Deocharran, Paul Dryden, Ron Casanzio, Dan Sharlow,  Mike Toohig, Brandon Shuff, Drew Herbert, Dave Fernandez, Jim Prather, Paul Rozonewski49/64th - Richard Miller, Jordan Turner, Grayson Vaughan, Dave Shlemperis, Jamie Garrett, Kevin Clark, Gene Hunt, John Moody Jr, Chad Bazinet, John Francisco, Alan Gordon, Damon Sobers, Mark Creamer, Matt Krah, Randy Labonte, Garrett Vaughan65/96th - Marc Dionne, Greg Antonakos, Bruce Carroll, Bill Cote, Mike Boulianne (Can), Brian Tierney, Marco Kam, Jerome Rockwell, John Vitale, Tony Antone,  John Moody Sr, Steven W. Smith, Jay Chiu, John Schott, Len Gianfrate, William Bombard, Jesse Docalavich, Jim Udischas, Glen Van Court, Don Reigel, Sean Santoro, Frank Wolak, Mike Shoemaker, Dennis Feliciano, Alvin Thomas, Raphael Dabreo, Ray Carey, Suad Kantarevic, Jed Jecen, Dwight Dixon, Tom Cayer (Can), Chris Braiman

97/128th - Don Polo, Jim Kearney, Mike Pettit, Nick Antonakos, Dave Callaghan, Linda Cheung, Andrea Duvall, Bruce Gordon, Sara Lancey, Alain Gelinas (Can),               Pat Byrne, Bob Cunningham, Larry Phlegar, Ray McNamara, Willie Oney, Bud Robideau, Chris Pyle, Bill Studd, Tito Ortiz, Aaron Greenwood, Nick Coppola,               Shawn Jackson, Ed Culhane, Jia Li, Earl Herring, Mike Rash, Alex Borukhovich, Skyler Woodward, Darren Clement (Can), Eric Cloutier (Can), Sean Morgan,               Vince Chrysler (Can)

Our Second Chance event had a field of 24 players with a total prize fund of $1,200.

1st     $500 Tom Zippler2nd    $300 Dan Sharlow3/4th  $200 each - Earl Herring, Garrett Vaughan

$1,900 Joss Cue raffle winner, Tony Antone$1,600 Joss Cue raffle winner, Mac Jankov

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