DrillRoom, the first AI-powered billiard training app launches a major update

Sep 2, 2021

OrangeLoops, a software development company, is launching a new update for DrillRoom, the first mobile application that uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to track and record shots & misses in pocket billiard drills.

The iOS application provides a wide selection of drills in speed control, shotmaking, cue direction, and positional play. It generates AI-based game stats that players can review after each drill or in their profile’s dashboard. During the experience, players are assisted by a virtual coach that provides audio feedback in real-time. 

The update includes, among other improvements:

New coach voices from Jennifer Barretta, Ralph Eckert (in German), and David Muñoz (in Spanish).Improved table framing and lighting scoring.Improved engine precision for real-time analysis of shots.Drill instructions can be viewed once a drill has started through the help button.

There’s a new subscription service, called DrillRoom Pro, that includes premium features such as:

Game Analysis with detailed shot analysis diagram and shot stats available once a drill has finished.Shot video clips that can be viewed and shared after each drill.Challenges such as Golf Pool, Centerfield Infinite Drill, and the Billiard University Exam I.Plus, more than +30 new drills created with the assistance of pro players, such as Dr. Dave Billiards.

Access to DrillRoom Pro is available for USD 4.99/mo or USD 39.99/yr (33% off).


Some feedback from the users: 

"As far as using augmented reality to train for pool, many solutions are dicey. DrillRoom has been the best I've seen so far. It's simple to use and works well overall."

“This is awesome for home training and pool rooms that can use the app on a designated table with a TV close by for casting.”

The developers are working on implementing more community-driven features, such as leaderboards and user-created drills. The application can be downloaded for free on the App Store. It is available for both iPhone and iPad.

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