5 Best Pool Balls in 2021

Aug 1, 2021

The pool game is one of the most popular sports played worldwide. From the 1340s to the 2000s, pool games have evolved into several variations. Several pool balls have been created in response to these variations. Some pool ball sets are game-specific, unique designs or others that are more durable. Pool ball sets crafted specifically for a type of game are usually of the same weight, size, and diameter while the material, color and design differ. Regardless of the billiard game one plays, one must have a good set of pool balls. Unlike novices, professionals know the importance of investing in a good pool table ball set.

Good-quality pool balls can make a huge difference. Professional players usually prefer a premium ball set to a cheaper one. For beginners looking for custom/good quality pool balls, the list below will come in handy. To make your pool table balls purchase experience easier, we have provided a list of both premium and budget-friendly balls. Here’s a carefully curated list of the best pool balls in 2021. 

McDermott Galaxy Series Professional Billiards Pool Balls

If you want a ball that features the same playing capabilities as a tournament ball, then go with McDermott's Galaxy. The balls are made of durable, high-quality resin that attains a precise roundness and is polished to resist chipping and cracking under heavy use. They have a great metallic look.  The professional-grade resin used in these makes them very durable and therefore, are sure to last for a long time as well. However, despite being slightly lighter, the balls have the same diameter, so their movement will be accurate.

Price on Amazon- $215.00

Aramith Pure Phenolic Pool Balls

As a brand, Aramith makes the best pool table balls that last longer than most of the brands. In addition to being cheaper than the most popular choice, Aramith Pure Phenolic Pool Balls are much more comfortable for players to use on pool tables. All Aramith pool balls are made from the same Phenolic Resin, some just have additional features over others.  These pool balls are not easily scratched or broken and have a high impact resistance. The balls won’t discolor even after a year of using and they all have a high friction resistance roll.

Price on Amazon- $167.30

Aramith Super Pro Pool Ball

Aramith Super Pro Pool Balls have been manufactured for almost 90 years now. As one of the best billiard balls available, their products meet all billiard authority standards worldwide. The uniqueness lies in their exclusive chemical formula for phenolic resin, as well as their meticulous processes to ensure scratch-resistant and high-impact surfaces on each ball. The resin makes sure the ball bounces back uniformly each time it makes contact with another ball or part of the table. The set includes a bottle of Aramith cleaning polish. 

Price on Amazon- $300.86

Iszy Billiards Pool - Billiard Table Pool Ball

The Iszy Billiards Swirl Marble Pool Ball Set has a  relatively reasonable price and great quality.  The balls are made of polyester resin and have a Grade A rating for quality. This deluxe set of pool balls are resistant to scratches and impact. The billiard balls are uniform in shape, size, and weight. The high-tech crafting provides it proper resistance against friction. In addition to their excellent playability, these balls rebound well and are in standard regulation sizes and weights. 

Price on Amazon-$47.95

Cuppa Billiards Professional Pool Balls

High-tech equipment is used to manufacture Cuppa Billiard balls from grade A non-toxic polyresin. The ball colors are vibrant, have a unique marble and swirly pattern. The balls are well-polished, resistant to scratches and are long-lasting. Pool balls made of polyresin and polished to perfection, as well as their durable nature, make them ideal for intensive gameplay. For tournaments and long gaming periods, this pool ball set is an excellent choice. Owing to the consistency of the shape and size of these balls, they are perfect for clean and straight shots. Cuppa Billiards Professional Pool Balls are among the industry's best due to their detailed manufacturing and calibrations. 

Price on Amazon-$94.99

When purchasing a pool ball set, however, remember to take into account these points:

The size and weight of the pool ball

The crafting material of the pool ball

The roundness of the pool ball

The intended game

The number display (easy-to-read numbers)

The colors (deep, bright and eye-catching)

Buying a set of pool/billiard table balls from any of the options above is a great choice.

In 2021, these are among the best pool balls available. It's good to spend some money on a quality pool ball set because it's always worth the investment. Buy a set of classy pool balls to avoid wearing out your table cloth and to avoid additional expenses each year. As far as brands go, any one of these five will serve as a good place to start if you don't know what to consider.

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