#1 Ranked Jasmin Ouschan Wins WPBA Masters

Jan 10, 2011

The WPBA Masters enjoyed a thrilling conclusion when Jasmin Ouschan of Austria defeated veteran professional and #3 ranked Karen Corr, the "Irish Invader" by the narrowest of margins! With a title on the line, Ouschan broke and ran the rack to the eight ball. Then, for a terrifying second, the eight hung in the pocket... The crowd sucked in a collective breath... and the ball fell in!

Jasmin took a deep breath of her own, clean-stroked in the nine ball and collapsed on the arena floor in relief. The win came after a series of uncharacteristic misses by the young champion. In a tearful speech to the fans, she explained that in the end she felt she'd made all the mistakes she could have and it was time to power on through.
And she did: Karen Corr, ahead 6-4 in the race, scratched on the break and it was the last time she'd get to the table. Jasmin took ball in hand, ran that rack, and broke and ran the next two racks in record time.
This was the inaugural WPBA Masters Championship, hosted by the beautiful Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Jasmin's win comes on the day before her 25th birthday!
Visit www.WPBA.com for complete tournament brackets and a play-by-play of the final match.
Courtesy of www.azbilliards.com.

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