Schinkel and Saville win Max 12 Doubles Event

It takes great team work to play true doubles.  Each player shoots until they miss and must calculate shot percentages to decide the best course of action. Do you try the low percentage shot or play safe and hope the other team coughs up a foul with a ball in hand returned to your partner.  In watching 26 matches I can conclude that winning teams find a balance and subdue their egos for the sake of the partnership. Fourteen teams battled it out on February 13th looking for the money to buy chocolates and roses for the next day.  This was a true doubles event which afforded run-outs galore.  We did not get too many however.
The Kid, Joshua Bryan came to play again having been the bridesmaid at a few events.  His partner, Martin Snajdr brought the composure and the two breezed to the A-side hot seat knocking off pre-tournament favourites Michael and Domenic Pilarella by a (5-2) score before dismissing Sarah Love and Paul Cardarelli in a (5-1) womping.  Their third round was against rookie partners Linda Saville and Scott Schinkel who fell (5-2) to the juggernaut of Josh and Martin. Edmund Chow and Talete Gallo, had advanced to A-side final by virtue of an untimely forfeiture but were no competition and fell (5-1) to the Martin and the Kid.
The rookies were determined to shine and did so on the B-Side.  They rammed thru Jeremy Isard and Meghan Sardesai calcutta favourites by a score of (3-0) before sending Natasha Khan and Blake Tyas packing.  In the B-side final Edmund and Talete were of not present and were railed (3-2) by Scott and Linda. Setting up a rematch with Josh and the Kid.  As with all all fairy tales there was a happy ending.  Scott and Linda double dipped Martin and The Kid (3-1) (3-2) leaving Joshua the bridesmaid again.

Scott Schinkel and Linda Saville

1st Scott Schinkel and Linda Saville           $500 + $300
2nd Joshua Bryan and Martin Snadr          $300 + $250
3rd Edmund Chow and Talete Gallo           $240 + $140
4th Natasha Khan and Blake Tyas               $200

ENTRIES               $1500
GREEN FEES        -$390
ADDED                 $130
Each Player Received a $10 Food and Beverage Credit at the bar. $260

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