Petrina's Victoria Day Super-Round Robin

It was a great afternoon for pool on Monday May 18th. Players gathered at Petrina’s in Ajax for a round-robin event eight-ball bar-box event. The event had a handicapped entry by skill level but no handicap for play as all races were to one. Each player played fifteen (15) games. The top 13 records and the top 3 players ranked 4 and under advanced to the finals. The finals were a double elimination tournament but still the race was to one.
The field was full of great shooters such as Brian Belobradic, Wayne Tate, Brad Guthrie , Andy Mizan, and Greg Ross. After 5 hours of round-robin play and a sudden-death play-off between Zain Yousaf and Brian BBelobradic for the final spot he field was decided and the finals tournament began.
Our eventual winner was Jim McBride (6) who plowed through the field beating Ramesh Brown, Paul Marche, Bruce Gram, and Brad Guthrie before meeting Andy Mizan in the final. Jim would win the tournament without a loss and takedown the big prize.PetrinasWeb
1st – Jim McBride – $220
2nd – Andy Mizan – $160
3rd – Brad Guthrie – $110
4th – Alex Wulckow – $80
5-6th – Bruce Gram – $50
5-6th – Wayne Tate – $50
Hope to see everyone out on Sunday for our Spring Classic Golf Tournament.

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