Pangilinan and Black win Fireball Whiskey event

A baker’s dozen teams gathered at Petrina’s on July 11th to compete for the cash in a Max 14 Scotch Doubles tournament sponsored by FIREBALL™. After fifteen gruelling hours one pair remained and claimed the $1000 first prize. The day began great for Stefan Bonnici (6) and his partner Daz Whitlock (7) who won the free entry raffle and defeated Joshua Bryan (6) and Kevin Booker (8) in a hill-hill first round match by a score of (5-5)
First round action also saw Natasha Khan (5) and Brian Belobradic (9) lose a disheartening match to Arman Pangilinan (7) and Mike Black (7) by a score of (6-3). Gene “The Machine” Lew (7) and his best buddy, Sam Maltese (7), faced off against the ever challenging Deon Neale (8) and Kimme Lafayette (5). The dynamic duo of Sam and Gene were no match for Deon and Kimme and were routed (5-2). The newly formed team of Scott Schinkel (7) and Angela Carrigan (7), the two players with the most practise time in at Petrina’s, took on and defeated Edmund Chow (6) and Talette Gallo (6) by a score of (5-2).
Terry Martin (8) and Lynette Valencia (5) proved worthy combatants in this tough field. They defeated the ever irascible Andy Mizan (8) and his partner of late Oscar Zapata (6) by a hill-hill score or (5-5). In round three Lynette and Terry had to take on the duo of Derek Bedard (7) and Peter Komljenovic (7) and handed them a (5-4) loss. Peter and Derek had won the mystery match in the previous round and were still celebrating their $100 windfall. In the A-side final Lynette and Terry had to face the seemingly unstoppable Arman and Mike and could not muster their skills to put up a fight. They lost (6-3) to get relegated to the B-Side Final.
The B-Side belonged to Scott and Angela. They refused to give up and came back in several matches to snatch victory from the scary jaws of defeat. They knocked out Joshua Bryan (6) and Kevin Booker (9) by a score (5-4). They marched on next to meet Brandon Jaipaul (7) and Al Kerr (7), a last minute throw together team and beat them (5-4). Gaining momentum they rolled over Peter and Derek by a score of (5-3) to wind up in the B-Side semi-final against Deon and Kimme. The match was in their grasp but a fouled eight-ball on their hill game almost re-energized Deon and Kimme and Scott and Angela had to regroup in order to defeat Kimme and Deon (5-4) and advance to face Lynette and Terry. The day ended for Scott and Angela at the hands of Terry and Lynette in (5-3) defeat. We hope to see more of this team in the future. Their never say quit attitude is really what the game deserves.
At the end of the day’s battles Arman and Mike emerged victorious over Terry Martin and Lynette Valencia taking home the bragging rights and some spending money. The finale was (6-3) win for the Arman/Mike team.
Thanks to our sponsor Fireball Whiskey™ for their great prizes and support in this event
1st Arman Pangilinan (7) / Mike Black (7) $1000 + $450 Calcutta
2nd Lynette Valencia (5) / Terry Martin (8) $700 + $350 Calcutta
3rd Angela Carrigan (6) / Scott Schinkel (7) $500 + $230 Calcutta
4th Kimme Lafayette (5) / Deon Neale (8) $330 + $100 Calcutta


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