NAPA Invitational 8-Ball Results

On Sunday February 23rd Petrina’s Billiards in Ajax was a hotbed for bar-box eight-ball. Forty-three cueists showed up to play for the dough. The event was the First Inaugural NAPA Invitational 8-ball Event which used the NAPA handicap system for purpose of determining races. The high handicap was 117 and the low handicap 31. High handicappers in attendance included Barry Hetherington (115), Colin Kerr (115), Brian Belobradic (117) and Carlin Sanderson (115). There were also many seasoned tournament players like Derek Bedard (110), Pete Kolmjenovic, and Tony Nicola (110). The NAPA league was well represented by 18 players from its Thursday Night League.
The consolation tournament, which allows a third chance for the first eight players eliminated from the tournament was won by Tony Nicola over Jody Squires. Tony pocket $80 and Jody $50 for their C-Side efforts. The first round witnessed a few upsets. Out of the gate Angela Carrigan (88) defeated Colin Kerr (115) (4-3) sending the seasoned veteran to the B-Side. Greg Ross (94) defeated Barry Hetherington (115) by a (4-3) score as well sending the recently returned to the pool world veteran to the depths of the B-Side. Derek Bedard (110) dispatched Jeff Flewelling (100) by a (6-4) score while Brian Belobradic (117) easily dispatched Orlando Ashby (80) by a (7-1) score.

Tony Nicola and Jody Squires
Tony Nicola and Jody Squires

The tournament started at 11:45 am and was still going strong at 2:00 am fourteen hours later. The A-Side finale witnessed Randy Johnson (93) defeating Marco Carinci (76) by a (7-0) score. Randy had ploughed through the A-Side with wins of (6-1) over Brandon Jai-Paul (95), (6-0) over Haydn Jones (85), (7-4) over Aaron Farnsworth, and (5-1) over Derek Bedard (110) to make it to the hot seat. Marco Carinci (76) had ridden a tough road to the finale with wins of (4-4) over Greg Wellbanks (94), (4-1) over Greg Ross (94), (5-5) over Tom Fraser (93) and a decisive rout of (3-1) over Brian Belobradic (117). The A-Side was set.
Pete Aube (86) was dispatched to the B-Side by Brian Belobradic (117) in an (8-2) romp which only woke him up for the fight ahead. Confronted with Barry Hetherington (115), Pete Aube put all his grinding skills together and edged the Irish Wolverine by a (4-6) score, to set him up against Carlin Sanderson (115). Carlin had just defeated Brian Belobradic (117) by a (6-4) margin. Pete was unrelenting in facing his third high ranked player in a row. He bested Carlin (4-4) in a see-saw exchange of cue artistry leaving him in the B-Side final against Marco Carinci (76). These two players know each other well from weekly NAPA League play and their rivalry is always intense. In the end Pete won the war of patience and unseated the youngster by a (5-3) score. Owing to the time of night (4:00 am++) the two finalists, Randy Johnson and Pete Aube agreed to an even split of the prize money and the tournament was ended.
Peter Aube and Randy Johnson
Peter Aube and Randy Johnson

Special thanks to Petrina’s for providing to pizza deliveries and comfortable couches for the snorers near the end of the tourney. Rob MacArthur is to be commended for getting his league players out to compete against the tough field and showing the efficiacy of the NAPA system which is based on a handicap system developed by mathematician to take experience and wins and losses into consideration.
The NAPA POOL LEAGUE now in its third session is always looking for new players and teams. Contact Rob MacArthur at 905 903-6425 for further information about participating in this exciting new league. For full details of the tournament check out the
1st Place Randy Johnson and Pete Aube $325 + $300 each for Calcutta
3rd Place Marco Carinci $180 + $150 Calcutta
4th Place Carlin Sanderson $130 + $70 Calcutta
5th & 6th Brian Belobradic and Derek Bedard $100 + $50 Calcutta
7th & 8th Aaron Farnsworth and Ben MacArthur $50 + $25 Calcutta
Rob Macarthur, Tino Carinci, Ben Macarthur, and Alan Rogerson
Rob MacArthur, Tino Carinci, Ben MacArthur, and Alan Rogerson

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