Move Over Movember

Eighteen bar-box battlers showed up to play in the MOVEMBER FUNDRAISER TOURNAMENT on Dec 1 at Petrina’s in Ajax. Two hundred dollars was raised for the MOVEMBER FUND. With formidable players such as Brian Belobradic, Denise Belanger, and Barry Hetherington in attendance; this event was destined to be an all-out battle.
First round action saw Wayne Tate (5+1) advance over Derek Bedard (5) by a score of (6-2). In the second round, Brian Belobradic (5+1) put together a great four pack against Barry Hetherington (5+1) and knocked him to the B-side by a score of (6-0). Denise Belanger (5) dismissed Shawn Higgins (5) by a score of (5-0) to make it deeper on the A-side. Greg Wellbanks (5), firing on all fours trounced Wayne Tate (5+1) by a score of (4-2) sending Durham’s most intense pool player to the B-side. In and A-side semi-final match, Denise Belanger (5) finally got the monkey off her back by defeating Brian Belobradic (5+1) in a hill-hill match (4-5) . Each player stunned the small audience with their near perfect play with defensive creativity and offensive magic dominating the action. This was a match of marvelous cue artistry.
On the B-side, Wayne Tate (5+1) was sent packing by Oshawa’s Sean Higgins (5) by a score of (4-2). Coming off of his match with Denise Belanger, Brian Belobradic had to face his A-side first opponent once more. What a match! Brian B and Barry H battled for an hour and the result was (6-5) Brian. These two cueists go way back to the glory days of pool in the 90’s and put on a fabulous demonstration of billiards prowess. In another match Derek Bedard fighting in his fifth B-side match snapped the 8-off the break to win a hill-hill match against Greg Wellbanks.
The B-side semi-finals showcased Derek Bedard(5) against Brian Belobradic. Derek emerged the winner (4-4) to continue his seventh consecutive B-side match. Derek faced Denise Belanger in the B-side final. In what was his eighth B-side match the grizzled veteran lost (5-2) setting up the final between Peter Komljenovic and Denise.
They came and played and amazed and in the end there could be only two. Former Ajacian and my friend of 40 years made the finale. Although DaBomb did not explode she showed great skill in the tournament and great resolve in recuperating from her shoulder surgery and returning to competitive play. Peter Komljenovic (5) had quietly made it to the A-side final with wins of (5-2), (5-3), (5-1), (5-0) over Ramesh Brown (4), Dan Seens (4), Keith Eldridge (4), and Denise Belanger (5). In the repeat of the A-side final the finale brought Denise Belanger back from the B-side hinterland for a rematch. Denise won the lag and quickly snapped an eight off the break. In the alternating break format, Peter, not to be outdone made a break and run. Denise returned with a win in the third match, and Peter won the next four games in a row to win the tournament (5-2).

Peter Komljenovic and Denise Belanger
Peter Komljenovic and Denise Belanger

Congratulations to Peter Komljenovic – he stood tallest today and to all the players who showed up today to help support the Movember movement.
1st Peter Komljenovic $275 (+$230 Calcutta)
2nd Denise Belanger   $175 (+$130 Calcutta)
3rd Derek Bedard        $90 (+$80 Calcutta)
4th Brian Belobradic $60 (+$60 Calcutta)
NEXT TOURNAMENT: Dec 21st (Poolsharks Pool Shootout Series Dec 21) Boxing Day 8-ball (Dec 26th)

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