Monster Mash at Petrinas

They came, they played, they gorged on ample Halloween candy and chocolate. A midnight tournament could not be done they said but it was. Eight pool ghouls made a spectre of themselves by competing in the first Midnight Monster Mash at Petrinas. The ever ebullient owner Frank Kakouros dished out $200 Halloween dollars and the tournament was staged at the stroke of midnight. As well as the competitors a dozen or so hangers on came by to see the action. John Morra, recently returned from the US OPEN even dropped by for his Petrina Reunion, he was too late to play however.

Colin Kerr

When all was over, Durham’s one an only Colin Kerr emerged the winner over Rob Hall. The semi-finals also included Sam Maltese and Carlin Sanderson.
1st – Colin Kerr (7-2) $160
2nd – Rob Hall (7-2) $80
3-4th – Sam Maltese (5-3) $40
3-4th – Carlin Sanderson (5-3) $40
Keep watching for new announcements.

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