Day Three of the Petrina’s Mini Pool Festival began at 11:00 am sharp as tournament director Barry Hetherington herded the pool players into the calcutta corral and began Event 6 of the Pool Sharks Pool Series. This was a $450.00 added event and many players were now playing their third tournament in thirty six hours.  Endurance now became as significant a tool as potting and shape making for the pool players attendance.
Sunday Event 6: $450 Added  20 Players

Sam Maltese and Andy Mizan
Sam Maltese and Andy Mizan

Andy Mizan (111) is not one to back down from any opponent. His diminutive stature is not an indicator of this pool titan’s ability. His toolbox of skills keeps him in contention on most occasions whether he is getting or giving games. Fifty years of pool have made the MIZ WHIZ a great player and on this Sunday afternoon he showed it. Andy dispatched Greg Ross (91) by a score of (6-2), Leon Curtin (90) by a score of  (7-3), Martin Yacobazzo (108) by a score of (6-4)  and Blair Janes (68) by a score of (6-0) to stand undefeated in the A-Side final.
The ever involved Sam “The Maltese Falcon” Maltese, has been hovering near the money for several tournaments and this time was hell bent on making it over the hump. Sam (99) faced his nemesis Jim Pickett (99) and emerged the winner by a score of (6-2).  Next up for Sam was Tom Fraser (94) who seemed to watch from the sidelines as Sam dispatched him by a (6-0) score. In the A-Side semi-final Sam would have to face the wily Wayne Tate (107) one of the cagiest cueists around. This was Sam’s day however and Wayne was beat (5-3) to bounce Sam into the A-Side final against Andy “The Miz Whiz” Mizan.
The A-Side final was a real demonstration of skill between two determined combatants.  The match went back and forth but there can be only one winner at this event it was the Maltese Falcon. Great play and determination Sam – congratulations.
In the Petrina’s Pool Sharks Pool Series the B-Side pays out 40% of the funds and therefore the action is just as intense as it is on the A-Side. This Sunday the competition picked up from the previous day’s events. Jim Pickett (99), came off of an A-Side loss and met Paul Cummins (91) the B-Side winner from Saturday and emerged the winner by a score of (6-3).  Jim moved on to local player Shawn Higgins (91) and send him to the C-Side by a (6-2) result.  Next up for Jim was Matt Bell (54) a player with tonnes of heart who on this day would be Jim’s semi-final victim in a decisive (8-0) victory. Jim Pickett had made the B-Side Final.
At the tour qualifier back in December Leon Curtin (91) bested the field and won free entry to all the tour events. Leon has made good use of that opportunity and has made the cash in  several events. On this Sunday afternoon Leon was determined to continue his cash withdrawal and played to win. A B-Side bye lead to a second round match up against his playing partner Randy Johnson (95).  After a quick match Leon emerged the victor by a score of (6-5). The semi-final match pitted Leon against Richard Harvey (58) an up-and-coming player with more heart than a dozen players combined. Richard would not contend against Leon and lost by and (8-2) margin.Leon would match up in the final against Jim Pickett.
Jim Pickett and Leon Curtin
Jim Pickett and Leon Curtin

The B-Side Final was a quick contest.  Leon was spent and could only win two games against Jim Pickett losing by a score of (6-2). Kudos to Jim Pickett for always playing his best.
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Sam Maltese (99)                             $280   +  $200 Calcutta
Andy Mizan (111)                             $185   +  $135 Calcutta
Jim Pickett (99)                                 $185   +  $135 Calcutta
Leon Curtin (91)                                                $125   +  $95 Calcutta

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