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Lynette Valencia and Jason Williams split the cash

When it became evident that a pre-scheduled gladiator team tournament was not going to be successful Petrina’s shifted gears midstream and organized a last minute singles bar-box tournament. Twenty players converged on Petrina’s even though there were several other events scheduled in the GTA. Petrina’s added $500 and the game was afoot. With the attendance of Derek Bedard (8), Jason Williams (9), Sam Maltese (8) and Jamie Mckeen (7) this even was going to be a great day.
It became evident early that the ladies present Collyne Savage (6), Lynette Valencia (5), Kathleen Zaguirre (5), Simone Llloyd (5) and Filisha McKhan (5) were going to be adversarial in any match-up.
There were two stand-out matches.
Derek Bedard (8) and Filisha Mckhan (5) battled it out game for game back and forth with safeties and great shots being played. In the end Filisha bested Bedard (5-5). Another great match in the event featured Marco Carinci (7) vs Lynnette Valencia (5). Lynnette took down the upstart Marco by a (5-5) score in what was more of boxing match than pool match. This match was full of great sparring back and forth for table advantage.
In the end there could only be one winner or two people splitting which was the case. Owing to the time and fatigue Lynette Valencia and Jason Williams split the prize money

Jason Williams and Lynette Valencia  split the prize money
Jason Williams and Lynette Valencia split the prize money

1st/2nd  Jason Williams & Lynnette Valencia $570 (Split)
3rd Jamie McKeen $175
4th Kathleen Zaguirre $100
Mystery Match Winner Kathleen Ziguirre over Derek Bedard $50
Free Entry Raffle Derek Bedard

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