Double Trouble for Belobradic

“Double, double toil and trouble” to quote the Bard of Avon. This past weekend pool players brought in February by participating in two events at Petrina’s Taps and Billiards in Ajax. The 25 year old venue has long been a supporter of the spherical arts and this weekend was just another indication of that support. Although the weather outside was frightful the play inside was delightful with both experienced and green players coming from Belleville to Brampton to battle on the baize.
Saturday featured Event Three of the Eight-ball Series and saw sixteen cueists battle it out for over $1000 in prize money. The event featured a modified elimination tournament with first round losers being relegated to a different tourney board and redrawn. The first round saw a critical upset loss by Carlin Sanderson (113) to Greg Ross (88) by a score of (4-4). The ever ebullient (look it up) Sam Maltese (99) defeated Jim Pickett (100) by a (6-3) trouncing. Brian Belobradic (113) was in odd form but managed to advance to the second round by a (9-0) rout of Andrew Mcdowell (63) who had more than enough opportunity to take down the grizzled veteran but could not finish.
B-Side was a better tournament for Andrew McDowell (63) he had wins of (3-5), (4-0) and (3-1) over Carlin Sanderson (113), Mathew Bell (60) and Jim Pickett (100) to win the B-Side.
The A-side was an exciting afternoon for the rookies. Blair Janes (60, had two easy,early wins over Terry Bowden (97) and Martin Yacobazzo (110) before running into the train that Brian Belobradic (113) can be. Brian was still not performing to his usual skill but Blair Janes (60) missed every opportunity afforded him to finish (1-9) at the hands of his season opponent. The final featured Larry Deguara (67) who made wins of (4-4), (4-5), (4-3) over tour leader Leon Curtin (91), Greg Ross (88) and Paul Cummins (82) to meet Brian Belobradic (113) in the hot seat. Larry got to the hill first but had to sit and watch as Brian won six games in a row to seal his first place finish. The final match was an (8-2) win by Brian Belobradic.  The four finalists in the consolation tournament split $130 in prize money.
The Petrina’s Handicapping system for eight-ball is based on the NPL handicapping system created by Bob Jewett and is in use by thousands of players in California. The system is also very similar to the NAPA POOL LEAGUE system that allows for finer calibration of handicaps. The next tournament is February 16th and will feature a $350.00 added prize fund.

Larry Deguara and Brian Belobradic
Larry Deguara and Brian Belobradic

Payout Calcutta
1st Brian Belobradic (113) $175 $175
2nd Larry Deguara (67) $115 $110
3rd Andrew McDowell (63) $115 $110
4th Jim Pickett (110) $75 $75

Slick road conditions kept the field small (11) but the competition intense for the prize pool of over $500. The second event of the nine-ball series featured was played as a full consolation format allowing players to lose after the first round but still stay in the tournament.  After the bye round tour rookie Brandon Jai-Paul (6) faced Jody Squires (6) in a one sided match (6-1) that saw Brandon advance to meet Carlin Sanderson (8) in the 3rd round. Carlin easily defeated Brandon by a score of (8-2) to make it to the final. Brian Belobradic (8) seemed more relaxed than Saturday and played better on the 9-foot tables. He had wins of (8-1) and (8-2) over Mike Vaneck (6) and Dan Seens (5) to make it the hot seat against his jovial rival Carlin Sanderson. In a one side match Carlin dispatched Brian (8-4) to win the tournament and collect first prize. The ever smiling Carlin is showing great skill and improvement owing to daily practise and constant competition.
Planes, trains, and automobiles was about one man’s journey to get home. It should also be the story of Joshua Bryan (4) and his efforts to get to pool tournaments. This relative greenhorn has such a passion for the game that he wakes early to find the best commuter system available to get him to tournaments. Josh came to play on Sunday. He had a first round win (4-5) over tour rookie Aaron Sazon (6) and ran into Carlin Sanderson (8) in round two. Narrowly losing (8-3) to the eventual tournament winner did not dissuade Josh and he refocused his attention to his games. In round two he faced Andrew Black (5), Jody Squires (6), Dan Seens (5) and Mike Vaneck (6) and had wins of (4-1), (4-5), (4-0) and (4-2) to make it to the final against the battling Brian Belobradic (8). Josh got to the hill but was spent from his afternoon of tough play and lost (8-3) to Brian. Josh is to be commended for his intensity and love of the game. The next event is March 2, again a Sunday event. Hope to see everyone out for this $300 added event at Petrina’s Taps and Billiards.

Payout Calcutta
1st Carlin Sanderson (8) $140 $150
2nd Brian Belobradic (8) $75 $85
3rd Joshua Brian (4) $50
4th Mike Vaneck (6) $25
Brian Belobradic and Joshua Brian
Brian Belobradic and Joshua Brian

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