Carlin Sanderson Does It Again

Carlin Sanderson (8) came to play this weekend. Long days of practise are starting to pay off for Carlin. In the third event of the Petrina’s 9-ball Series Carlin Sanderson once again bested the field to emerge the winner at the third event of the Petrina’s 9-Ball Series. The Oshawa dynamo started off meeting his rival Brian Belobradic (8) in the first round. These two great 9-ballers finished off an epic match with Carlin scoring (8-7) against the more seasoned Belobradic. In Round Two Carlin had to meet Brandon Jai Paul (6) an up and comer. The two youngsters battled to an (8-4) result, with Brandon being relegated to the B-eaches. Natasha Khan (4) gave Carlin a run for the money but she too lost to Carlin in an (8-3) hill-hill game. Carlin’s next opponent would be the Joshua “Kid Slick” Bryan.Carlins
Joshua found himself in the A-side hot seat by wins of (4-2) over Jody Squires, (4-2) over Mike Van Eck and a greatly fought contest of (4-6) against Andy Mizan (7). Joshua was hot but Carlin cooled off Kid Slick and sent him to the B-eaches. Andy Mizan, fresh off a money finish of Saturday Night’s Petrinas Eight-ball Event was playing sharp and played two B-side matches to re-meet Kid Slick. Andy did not let young Josh get on a rhythm and easily dispatched him (7-2) to make it back to the A-side against Carlin.
From our FACEBOOK commentator Barry Hetherington
Andy Mizan disposed of Mick Van Eck by a score of 7-2 and was looking very strong moving into the B side final to face the young upstart Joshua Bryan who had knocked Andy to the B side earlier. The match again was a close fought battle but this time Andy came away with the win and left Joshua in third place for the second straight 9-ball event. Sitting in the hot seat waiting for these matches to finish was Carlin Sanderson who had very smartly went and hit balls on another table to keep in stroke. This was shaping up to be a great final as both players were looking very strong. Unfortunately though it didn’t transpire that way as Carlin was in great form and came out swinging and took control right from the opening rack. Andy didn’t look anything like what he had in the previous two matches and again Carlin made him pay when he made a slip. At the end Carlin won convincingly and has won all three events of the Pool Sharks 9-Ball series here at Petrina’s congratulations Carlin.
We would like to thank all the players for showing up and playing some really great 9-Ball today and we hope to see you all again the 4th event of the series on March 30th when it will be a $400 added event.

Payout Calcutta
1st Carlin Sanderson $240 $300
2nd Andy Mizan $150 $190
3rd Joshua Bryan “Kid Slick” $100

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