Brandon Boxes up the field on Boxing Day

DEC 26th Tournament Report
30 players in attendance   (Average HCAP 6.17)
15 Rounds of Round Robin Play Followed by Triple Elimination Single Game Tournament
Total Purse:  $1025  (Handicapped Entry structure)
$500 Added       Added after Green Fees: $50
This was a special tournament with many players donating food to the Petrina’s Food Drive in exchange for no entry fee.  The organizers would like to thanks those players for the eighty pounds of food collected. The event was open to players ranked 8 or lower in the UHS system The thirty players who showed up had a lot of pool to get thru.  Each player played fifteen single event matches and the top 16 players advanced to a triple elimination single game tournament.
There was plenty of Christmas Cheer around as well in the form of free draws for cash and prizes.
BONUS PRIZES:  Two Mystery Matches for $50.00
(Shooters do not know until after match has been played)
Match 1:  Martin Yacobazzo (8) beat Sam Maltese (8)
Match 2: Ramesh Brown (7) beat Sam Nedelkos (4)
Bruce Gram (6) won all his entries paid for in 2016
Raymond Byrne won 12 of his entries paid for 2016
Brandon Jaipaul won 8 of his entries paid for 2016
In a one game format the results can be a crapshoot. The higher ranked players can easily lose a one game race especially if they make simple mistake allowing their opponent the out.
Greg Ross (8)    12/15                     Joshua Bryan (6)    11/15               Nick King (7)    10/15
Al Loughlin (7)  10/15                    Martin Yacobazzo (8)  10/15        Blaine McLellan  (5)  10//15
Dwayne Martin (8)  10/15
The triple elimination single game format moves quickly with players really having no time to recover.  After 46 matches Brandon Jaipaul (8) went thru the field unchallenged.
1 Brandon Jaipaul (8)      $200
2 Nick King (7)                   $175
3 Martin Yacobazzo (8)   $150
4 Paul Sullivan (7)            $130
5 Dwayne Martin (8)       $120
6 Raymond Byrne (6)      $120
7/8 Tim Jukes (6)              $70
Jill Loughlin (4)           $70

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