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Upset in pupil's 10-ball semi-final

Szaszor defeated Filler in hill-hill thriller

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina: With the closest result possible, Kamil Szaszor (POL) defeated favored Joshua Filler (GER) 6:5 in the semi-final of the 10-ball competition.

Kamil Szaszor
Kamil Szaszor (POL)

It was an entertaining match with a surprising but deserved result. When unheralded Szaszor entered the ring against well known Filler, all odds were placed on the German. And the match started as expected. Szaszor seemed to struggle with his nerves and Filler started playing up to his high standard. After six racks, the score was 4:2 for Filler. He then missed an important shot and allowed Szaszor to keep a foot in the door. Suddenly, Szaszor played as if he had been exchanged. He appeared to be full of confidence and fired in difficult shots without thinking twice. His break shot was not as good as Filler’s but he managed to force Filler to commit four foul shots in the match – much more than usual for Filler. With cleverness and a bit of good rolls, Szaszor even got on the hill first, leading 5:4 after nine racks. The pressure was on Filler now. In the 10th rack, Szaszor committed a foul and allowed Filler to join him on the hill. Again, at 5:5 Filler was favored to win the match. But Szaszor did not come all the way to this final to lose. He played a rock solid game in the 11th rack and took it, winning 6:5. That will be the first final match in Szaszor’s career so far.
Other notable results include Nino Andreuzzi (GER) defeating his teammate Tobias Bongers (GER) with 7:6.
Girl’s Division
Kamila Khodjaeva (BEL) v Kristina Tkach (RUS) 5:2
Veronika Ivanovskaia (GER) v Sabrina Hammer (GER) 5:4
Pupil’s Division
Joshua Filler (GER) v Kamil Szaszor (POL) 5:6
Daniel Guttenberger (AUT) v Oliver Szolnoki (HUN) 6:4
Junior’s Division
Tobias Bongers (GER) v Nino Andreuzzi (GER) 6:7
Daniel Tangudd (SWE) v Spasian Spasov (BUL) 7:1
Kamila Khodjaeva (BEL) v Veronika Ivanovskaia (GER)
Kamil Szaszor (POL) v Daniel Guttenberger (AUT)
Nino Andreuzzi (GER) v Daniel Tangudd (SWE)
The finals will be played at 20:30 CET. You can follow all the action LIVE on 20 tables at www.kozoom.com/en/pool-billiard/.

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