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Straight Pool finals decided in Brandenburg

The final matches have been played in the Straight Pool competition. Finn Eschment and Raphael Wahl (both GER) have taken the Gold Medals. The match in the junior’s division was pretty one-sided. Eschment played the highest run of the tournament so far. He was leading 13:5 in the third inning. The fourth inning was 95:5. Eschment ran 82 balls. The next inning was the final one. Wolf had no answer to that and Eschment seized the crown off him, winning 100:5.
In the pupil’s division, the match was more exciting. Wahl took a 73: 13 lead over Filler and it looked like the match would be over soon. But Filler struck back and made the score 66:73. Then, he missed an easy 8-ball with 2 balls remaining on the table. That was just enough for Wahl. He pocketed the two balls and won the crown in the pupil’s division.

The Gold Medallists, Wahl (left) and Eschment

  Juniors   Pupils  
1. Finn Eschment GER Raphael Wahl GER
2. Jan-Henrik Wolf GER Joshua Filler GER
3. Vitaly Pavlukhin RUS Daniel Tangudd SWE
Wojciech Szewczyk
Berk Mehmetcik
Mikolaj Zabecki
Dudanets, Maksim
  Hugo Pereira LUX Patryk Statkiewicz POL
  Tobias Bongers GER Can Salim-Giasar GER
  Adrian Borowiec POL Jan van Lierop NED

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