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2014 Turning Stone Classic Player List

Mike Zuglan’s Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour and Turning Stone Casino Resort are proud to present our 2013-2014 Season Finale, The $25,000 Added Turning Stone Classic XXII 9-Ball Open. Turning Stone has once again generously invited us to compete in their beautiful and spacious Event Center which is one of the best arenas in the world. There is not a bad seat in the house and multiple matches can be viewed comfortably from everywhere. Spectator admission has always been free, and the intimate layout allows you to mingle with your favorite players and feel like you are a part of the action as well. Turning Stone Resort & Casino is a full service resort with everything needed for a relaxing, fun filled and enjoyable experience. Check them out at
For the 22nd time, there will be a FULL field of 128 players competing for the title. The field includes a wide range of talent from the best of the best to those striving to be the best! The complete current list (subject to change) is now available on our site . There you will also find our upcoming 2014-2015 season schedule, results and all other pertinent tour information. There is still time for interested Billiard Parlors to schedule an event by contacting me directly. Our Turning Stone Classic XXIII 9-Ball Open is scheduled for January 8-11, 2015. I will begin taking entries for that event at this event in September and not before. I urge you to enter this event early to avoid being shut out.
Once again at Turning Stone there will be a “second chance” tournament on Sunday Sept. 21 at 10AM. This is an event for those Non Pro level players (I will decide) eliminated from the main event. The event format will be as follows: $60 Entry Fee – 32 Player Max – same rules as main event – Single Elimination – Races to 4, best 2 of 3 sets, with the deciding set a single game sudden death. This means that if each player wins a race to 4, there will be a lag for the break and a 1 game playoff to determine the match winner. Entries will be taken for this tournament as players are eliminated from the main event and will be treated as first paid – first in until the event is full.
The equipment for this world class event will once again be 16 Diamond Pro tables covered with 860 Simonis (“The Cloth Of Champions”) tournament blue cloth. For the first time we will be using the new Aramith Tournament balls with Pro Cup cue balls. All items are for sale in tournament used condition, and only seriously interested parties are urged to contact Mike Zuglan immediately at 518-356-7163 for info and pricing.

Photo courtesy of Mitch Heydt
Photo courtesy of Mitch Heydt

Once again, and for the 22nd time, fans coming to Turning Stone for our event will be treated to Free Admission, Free full size collectible posters (while supplies last & can be viewed now at ), $10 Free Plays to players and fans, and some of the best pool you will ever see. All of this is brought to you courtesy of Turning Stone Resort & Casino and the Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour!
Included in the Event Center at Turning Stone is a full service snack bar serving all of our favorite foods and adult beverages. There will be billiard product vendors and on site cue repairs available for all your needs. There is still time and room for new vendors at a mere fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. Interested parties should contact me at 518-356-7163 immediately. We will also be raffling off 2 gorgeous, custom, engraved Joss Cues on Saturday at 8pm and Sunday immediately prior to the final match and you Do Not have to be present to win. These cues have a retail value of over $1,500 each and are generously provided by Danny Janes of Joss Cues Ltd. The cues can be viewed here:
So why not come to Turning Stone Resort & Casino September 18-21 for a great experience and 4 full days of some of the best pool you will ever witness. If for some reason you are unable to make it, there will be a free live stream and live scoring expertly provided by Alan Leon, aka Upstate Al, (Mike Howerton & Jerry Forsythe), The Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour and Turning Stone Resort & Casino. Match times are as follows: Thursday at 4,6,8 & 10pm. Friday at 10am, noon, 2,4,6,8 & 10pm. Saturday at 10am, noon, 2,4,6,8 & 10pm. Sunday at 11am, 1,3,5 & the final match at 7pm. The second chance tournament on Sunday will begin at 10am and run continuously until completed.
Again, I would like to remind all of you how important it is to please frequent your local billiard parlors and promote and utilize the fine products of our most generous sponsors listed below. They are the backbone of our sport!
I hope to see all of you at Turning Stone
Mike Zuglan
The Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour is sponsored by:
Joss Cues –
Turning Stone Casino –
Simonis Cloth –
Aramith –
Pool on the Net – –
Cue Shark –
Tiger Products –
OB Cues –
The Billiard Press –
Heidrich Custom Cues –
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Mike Zuglan’s Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour
Turning Stone Classic XXII September 18th-21st, 2014 Player List
(Updated 8/28/14 – Subject to change)

1 James Adams
2 Borana Andoni
3 Richard Andrews
4 Mike Andrews
5 Tony Antone
6 Johnny Archer
7 Dave Ascolese
8 Karim Attia
9 John Babravich
10 Jennifer Barretta
11 Chris Bateman
12 Bill Biasin
13 Brent Boemmels
14 Greg Bombard
15 Nick Brucato
16 Brittany Bryant
17 Don Cameron
18 Ron Casanzio
19 Holden Chin
20 Eric Cloutier
21 Jarrod Clowery
22 Victor Conte
23 Nick Coppola
24 Karen Corr
25 Bill Cote
26 Mark Creamer
27 Jerry Crowe
28 Gary Cuda
29 Ed Culhane
30 Bob Cunningham
31 Redgie Cutler
32 Martin Daigle
33 Tom Dalfonso
34 Dave Daya
35 Mike Dechaine
36 Oscar Dominguez
37 Ernesto Dominguez
38 Emily Duddy
39 Joe Dupuis
40 Alan Duty
41 Mark Eisland
42 Paul Enslin
43 Dave Fernandez
44 Richer Franceour
45 Joe Gibbons
46 Marcel Gilbert
47 Tom Gildea
48 Fred Gokey
49 Jay Goyer
50 Rick Grannis
51 Aaron Greenwood
52 Julie Ha
53 Rob Hart
54 Dennis Hatch
55 Dan Heidrich
56 Dan Hewitt
57 Seth Hoffman
58 Thorsten Hohmann
59 Eric Hu
60 Mika Immonen
61 Jed Jecen
62 Kayla Jones
63 Kevin Ketz
64 Warren Kiamco
65 Dale Kimmett
66 Matt Krah
67 Randy Labonte
68 Rich Lang
69 Francois Leblanc
70 Michael Liberman
71 Brian Lipes
72 Gary Lloyd
73 Hunter Lombardo
74 Rick Matarazzo
75 Gregg Mcandrews
76 Tom Mcgonagle
77 Travis Mckinney
78 Ray Mcnamara
79 Jason Michas
80 Al Michaud
81 Roger Miller
82 Donnie Mills
83 John Morra
84 Rodney Morris
85 Scott Murphy
86 Dany Normandin
87 Caroline Pao
88 Mario Paradis
89 Alain Parent
90 Paul Pensgen
91 Frank Peters
92 Tom Peterson
93 Ivaylo Petrov
94 Russ Philp
95 Paul Picard
96 Jesse Piercey
97 Cleiton Rocha
98 Jerome Rockwell
99 Jim Romanowski
100 Robb Saez
101 Travis Salvetti
102 Ed San Soucie
103 Ed Saur
104 Huidji See
105 Jayson Shaw
106 Dave Shlemperis
107 Brandon Shuff
108 Scott Simonetti
109 Joe Sinicropi
110 Damon Sobers
111 George Sokolowski
112 Jeremy Sossei
113 Pete Stever
114 Steve Stotler
115 Michael Stranko
116 Earl Strickland
117 Anthony Tennant
118 Mike Toohig
119 Jim Udischas
120 Shane Van Boening
121 Mhet Vergara
122 John Vitale
123 Randy Whitehead
124 Shaun Wilkie
125 Steven Winter
126 Esbon Worden
127 Mike Yednak
128 Thomas Zippler

Mike Zuglan

Along with being a top pro player, Mike Zuglan is the founder of the best tournaments around, the Joss Northeast 9-ball Tour. He is always wearing a smile on his face and always has a kind word to say!

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