The Secret Art of Pool

Here are some excerpts from the book by Lee Brett which is available online:
Outside & Inside The Box
I explain to everyone I teach, I want you to think outside of the box and play inside of the box. I will now explain this in more detail?
pre shot routine
1 – sighting/aiming – outside the box
2 – stance/alignment – inside the box
3 – bridge arm/hand – inside the box
4 – backstroke/pause – inside the box
5 – follow-through/finish – inside the box
pre shot thoughts
The PST that a player has before each shot can have a massive effect on the outcome of the shot, and even the outcome of the match.
pressure & pre-shot routine
Pressure is something that is created, inside your own mind, by having negative thoughts, and thinking about the situation you are in.
practice makes permanent
Some people will say practice makes perfect, I disagree practice makes permanent not perfect!
Eye pattern and 10% – 90% formula.
As an object ball gets further from the cue ball and your eyes, we have a tendency to start looking at the cue ball more than the object ball, See the diagram above.
Natural Rhythm
What is your natural rhythm, and how do you find your natural rhythm. Your natural rhythm is the amount of pre strokes you make on each shot, and what is comfortable and suits your style of play.
Whats your number? By this I mean what is the perfect number of backstrokes before hitting the cue ball, that suits your game, and how do you find it.
What is the “V” Grip
The “V” Grip is the shape the thumb and index finger create when holding the cue.
These 2 fingers control the whole shot, and the other 3 fingers control the power of the shot.
By understanding the major importance that these 2 fingers have on each shot, will you then start to feel the shot through these 2 fingers, and then begin to understand how they act as as steering wheel for the cue, guiding the cue and giving you the control over the cue, like never before.
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