Snooker Rules Video Reaches 25 000 Hits

What a milestone! It has been less than one year since this video has been created and already 25,000 people have viewed it.
The basic rules of snooker was created and produced by Snooker Canada as a result of the lack of such videos existing on the internet. The only other way for a person to learn the basic rules of snooker before this video was introduced was to sit there and read pages and pages of text. Not practical in today’s short term gratification world of social media and fast food drive through.
Snooker Canada is in the process of doing 2 more things to follow up with the success of this first video.
1. Have it translated into several different languages including French, Spanish, Chinese and a few others.
2. Produce a second video with a follow up version of the more detailed rules for the game.
If you have any feedback about this video, we are always striving to improve. and would love to hear from you!
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