KNACK Pool & Billiards – Tip #2 Offense or Defence

Offense or Defence
To be successful in any sport, you need to be good both offensively and defensively. Pool is no different. To become a complete player, you need to work on both of these aspects of the game. Most beginners neglect their defensive strategies. Everyone wants to pocket balls and run out every time they get to the table. This strategy would work great if you never ran into problem balls or clusters and if every ball was hanging 1n front of a pocket. However, knowing when to put the stop sign up and play a safety will go a long way toward making you a smarter and more successful player. Have you noticed that in almost every other sport, defence plays a huge part in winning? Basketball, football, and baseball are three examples. Teams do not win championships unless they have a great defence. Pool is no different. If you cannot play a good defensive game, you will have a difficult time winning. Work just as hard on defence as you do on offense. You will be amazed at how many more games you will win.
Good defence has a number of benefits: It frustrates you opponent and wears him down. It gives you more ball hand situations. And, 1f your opponent is able to make a good hit, it gives you a good chance at still making the ball. You can use many practice drills to work on your defence. For instance, play a game with your buddies in which you attempt to make the other player table or pocket scratch three times in a row. The more attention you g1ve to specific skill sets in practice, the better you’ll be when it’s game time
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