KNACK Pool & Billiards – Tip # 1

Knowing the Speed of the Table

You will play on many makes and models of pool tables. Some of the tables will play faster than others. This means that the cue ball and object balls will roll for a longer distance on some and a shorter distance on others with the same hit applied.
KnackPool&Bill.inddThe type of cloth used, how well the cloth was put on and stretched out, and the bounce off the rails will determine the speed of the table. Hit your normal speed for a lag shot a few times to help you determine if a table is faster or slower than you’re used to. You will then need to make adjustments during your game. The lag will also let you know if the table is level. By knowing these little things, you increase your chances of beating your buddies or winning a tournament.
You should create a warm up routine every time you play on a different table. Doing so will make it easier for you to make adjustments. Anytime you have extra knowledge about the playing conditions, you have gained an edge on your opponent. This slight edge could be the difference between winning and losing.
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