How to Close 14.1 Racks Like a Pro

Break Shot Patterns by Phil Capelle

“… you come away with an understanding that sets you apart from, and above, other players.”
Tom Shaw – Pool and Billiard Magazine
“Break Shot Patterns is incredible.”
Mike Shamos – Billiards Digest
“This is a tremendous work in scope, ambition, and execution.”
Steve Lipsky – 5th Place at the 2011 World Tournament of 14.1
“Amateurs and pros, including myself, will be sure to benefit from his latest pool masterpiece!”
Mike Zuglan – Winner of Several Major 14.1 Events
“BSP offers a masters degree in Patterns.”
Jonathan Smith – House Pro at Society Billiards
“In fact, he (Capelle) explained how I play better than I could have.”
Pat Fleming – Accu-Stats, BCA Hall of Fame
Dear Pool Enthusiast,
My new Break Shot Patterns’ will help you to take your closing skills to a whole new level, enabling you to break your high run record!
The 2 hour DVD features 110 end-of rack patterns as played by greats like Rempe, Hohmann, Sigel, Reyes, Souquet, and so many more. The run outs are adapted from Accu-Stats’ library of matches, and the DVD features commentary from experts such as Incardona, Diliberto, and many more.
Four ball patterns are diagrammed in the book over 2 pages and come with my in-depth analysis, viewing tips, and lessons from the greats. The spiral binding makes it easy to practice your position and pattern play, and to match your skills with the pros.
I invite you to discover the secrets of world class straight pool. For more information, please visit
May you play your best pool!
Phil Capelle
Special – 20% off and FREE SHIPPING in the US.
To order, and for more information, visit
COMBO SPECIALS on my other books are also available at
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Play Your Best Nine Ball – A Mind For Pool – Capelle On 9-Ball – Mike Massey’s World

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