What’s New in Pool for 2019

Pool is a classic game, beloved by many. There aren’t many ways to revamp this favorite – if it ain’t broke and all that. So, if you’re looking for what’s new in 2019, look no further than your nearest wifi-enabled device. Here you will find a number of pool games with gameplay so exciting, you’ll feel as if you are at a real pool hall.

The problem is, there’s a huge selection of these types of games on the market. To help you narrow down the list and find the hidden gems, we offer our pick of the best pool games of the year:

Snooker Live Pro and Six-red

This well-rounded game has everything that a pool aficionado would love – top-notch gameplay, good graphics, and the ability to go head to head against other contenders. But perhaps the most interesting thing about this game is 8 player tournaments. This game mode alone is guaranteed to provides with you tons of entertainment.

To make things even more exciting (and maybe even win some money as well), head to Virgin Games. They have a variety of new player bonuses that can extend your gameplay and your changes to win big. Just remember your Virgin Games promo code 2019 to get the best deals possible.

8 Ball Pool

This engaging and interesting game is one of the best on the market. Period. You can participate in tournaments, play one on one matches, challenge your friends, and more.

Snooker Stars

The superb sound quality and amazing graphics in this game will make you feel as if you’re playing real pool. Added to that are the online activities (like the online league and head to head matches) and the ability to create your own challenges. These are two great features that which will take your gameplay to yet another level.

3D Pool Ball

Because it’s in 3D, the gameplay in this game is one of the best on this list. Plus, you can compete with gamers all over the world to win trophies, ensuring for eventful gameplay.

International Snooker Pro HD

Do you love pool so much you wish you were a professional? Get a feel for the experience with this game’s enhanced audio and top-notch graphics. Plus, you get the chance to win lots of trophies to display proudly in your trophy cabinet.

There aren’t many things you can do to improve a beloved classic game. That is until technology comes into the mix. Apple and Android devices have taken this pastime to a whole new level. The games in this list, in particular, are the cream of the pool crop. Will you step your game as well? Good luck!

What do you think of the games on this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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