Stan "The Man" Cashes in Reno

The 19th Annual US Bar Table Championships was held from February 12th-19th at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada. The event kicked of with 87 players participating in the 10-Ball event. It was Shane Van Boening who had wins over Jason Marcoulier (7-5), Jeff Heath (7-3), Amar Kang (7-6), Glenn Atwell (7-5), Josh O’Neil (7-1) before losing to Stevie Moore (7-5) in the A-Side Finals. Shane bounced back through the B-Side of the event beating Larry Nevel and then doing the “double-dip” of Stevie Moore in the finals to take the title.
10-Ball Results (FINAL BRACKET)

Shane Van Boening

1st – Shane Van Boening – $4,300
2nd – Stevie Moore – $2,300
3rd – Larry Nevel – $1,550
4th – Jesse Engel – $1,050
5-6th – Josh O’Neal – $725
5-6th – Gabe Apollos – $725
7-8th – John Morra – $475
7-8th – Jerry Matchin – $475
Next up was the 9-Ball event with 128 players playing in this race to 9 double knockout event. Canada’s Stan “The Man” Tourangeau has a reputation for his skills on the 7 ft tables. The 7-time Canadian 8-Ball Champion had in impressive road to victory taking out the following players on the way..Ric Jones, Shan Damani, Wayne Boyd, Derek Pogirski, Rodney Morris, Shane Van Boening (hill-hill), Oscar Dominguez and Glenn Atwell (hill-hill).
9-Ball Results (FINAL BRACKET)
Stan Tourangeau

1st – Stan Tourangeau – $4,700
2nd – Glenn Atwell – $3,150
3rd – Oscar Dominguez – $2,000
4th – Jesse Engel – $1,250
5-6th – Shane Van Boening – $800
5-6th – Mitch Ellerman – $800
7-8th – Rodney Morris – $550
7-8th – Mike Hellmer – $550
The 8-Ball event drew 189 players in the short race to 5 format. Stan Tourangeau’s winning streak would end in the first round as he matched up against Philipino superstar Francisco Bustamante.  On the B-Side of the final bracket, Rob Saez looked unbeatable with wins over Rodney Morris (5-2), Larry Nevel (5-0), Oscar Dominguez (5-4) and Franciso Bustamante (5-4).  With the true double-elimination format, Saez needed to beat Jeff Beckley twice in the finals.  It this point, Saez was out of steam.  Jeff Beckley won the first set 5-4 to take the 8-ball title.
8-Ball Results (FINAL BRACKET)
1st – Jeff Beckley – $5,700
Rob Saez

2nd – Robb Saez – $3,300
3rd – Francisco Bustamante – $2,000
4th – Oscar Dominguez – $1,300
5-6th – Louis Altes – $900
5-6th – Larry Nevel – $900
7-8th – Brian Butler – $650
7-8th – Rodney Morris – $650
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Results courtesy of Cuesport International.

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