The Lion Roars Again!!!

Congratulations to The Lion Alex Pagulayan as he roars to victory again! Alex went undefeated with his stellar play and took down the One Pocket and 10-Ball at the Sparkle City Shootout, which was held at The Steakhorse Restaurant & Billiards this week.

The One Pocket began Tuesday night with a monster field of players, race to 5 with single elimination. In the end, The Lion faced The Shredder Danny Smith. Alex was on point and won the final with a score of 5-2. Great job Danny Smith scoring a well deserved 2nd place. Third and Fourth were earned by The Beast Josh Roberts & Django Francisco Bustamante, nice going everyone!

Thursday night, the 8k added 10-Ball began with 96 players. The format was races to 9/7 with alternate break.
The finals began with an undefeated Alex Pagulayan facing The Black Tiger Carlo Biado. This was a true double elimination final, but Pagulayan played some fantastic pool and edged out the win with a score of 9-6 in the first set to claim top honors. Congrats to Carlo Biado for scoring a tough fought 2nd place in this monster field. Robocop Dennis Orcollo secured Third place with some great play and Django Francisco Bustamante earned Fourth. Excellent job everyone.

The Banks Ring Game began Friday night with 16 fierce players. When all was said and done, the last two remaining split the prize. Gratz to Robocop Dennis Orcollo & Young Gun Sky Woodward for taking the honors. Third place went to Hunter White & Fourth went to Robb Saez. Great shooting all.

A Special thanks to all the top pros who participated in the Play for Favor Fundraiser. LoreeJon Hasson, Sky Woodward, Tony Chohan, John Morra, Brandon Shuff, Alex Pagulayan, Francisco Bustamante & Special guest Tony Stewart!

Thanks again to Dayne Miller & Shannon Daulton as well as the staff & everyone at The Steakhorse Restaurant & Billiards room for hosting this event and making it all possible. We would also like to thank Tournament Director Steve MacDonald for keeping things running smoothly as always.

We would also like to thank the event sponsors: Team Supershaft, United Billiards Leagues,, Salon Couture, Cue Time of Spartanburg, All Even Barbershop, PoolDawg, Budweiser, Spinx, Brumfield LLC & Holiday Inn Express & Suites. would also like to thank our sponsors and fans for another fantastic event! Our sponsors include Lomax Custom Cues, Kamui, John Barton of JB Cases, Durbin Custom Cues, Aramith, Hanshew Custom Cues, Simonis,, Champs Bar & Grille of Wichita and Club Billiards of Wichita, KS. Thanks for your support!

Our next stop is the White Diamond Billiards Super 9-Ball Nov. 9-11th (Lafayette, La) with the world famous Chris Miller show! One of the Best Bartable events on the planet, see you all then!!!

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