Raj & Amar Win Saratoga at Wyoming Open

Saratoga, Wyoming- Raj Hundal and Amar Kang went undefeated to the finals of the Saratoga Open which features a new game that combines 8-Ball and 9-Ball together. Players from the west and all around the US will return to Saratoga once more for the 5th Annual Wyoming Open. Most of the players were master level or pro and featured some standouts such as Rodney Morris, Charlie Williams, Mark Tadd, Tony Piazza, Mark Vidal, and more. The event was sponsored by Poison Cues by Predator and Asia’s #1 cloth Andy Cloth will be the official cloth used during the event.
“I sometimes get bored playing 8-ball and 9-ball. So one day I came up with the concept of combining the best of both games. The players all seem to enjoy it around here as well as the pros”, says EJ Glode, promoter of the Wyoming Open. “It’s a great game Saratoga. It’s a thinking man’s game and can be action packed but also very strategic”, said Hundal. Raj is sponsored by Poison Cues.
Hundal and Kang are both of India descent and are two of the countries finest. Hundal breezed through his bracket including wins over WPBA pro Melissa Little and former fulltime tour player Mark Tadd. Kang defeated Charlie Williams hill-hill after Williams eliminated Morris and Vidal. In the end, the hour was late and both Raj and Amar split the finals to get a goodnight’s rest for the early morning start of the Wyoming Open. Hundal and Kang also played together as partners for the World Cup of Pool representing India.
The event is majorly supported by the town’s own businesses which include : Hotel Wolf, Duke’s Bar & Grill, Valley Foods, Riviera Lodge, Carbon County, and Shively Hardware. For more info or to play in the Wyoming Open contact EJ Glode or 307-329-8924

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