Quebec Update: Scotch Doubles Events Held in St. Hyacinthe

6A Winners David Deschenes & Pat Desbiens
6A Winners David Deschenes & Pat Desbiens

On Saturday July 5th Dooly’s St.Hyacinthe, located about 45 minutes east of Montreal, hosted two scotch doubles 9 ball tournaments. Owner Elvis Joubert, along with his friend Raphael Houde, frequently host these types of tournaments during the Montreal Federations off season. The format of this tournament was alternate break with the 9 ball not counting off the break.
The two tournaments were played simultaneously with some players deciding to play in both. There were 11 teams in the 6A tournament. This meant the overall ranking between the two players had to equal or less than 6A. The possible teams were A /Pro, AA/SP or AAA/AAA.
There were top players in this event such as professionals Dany Nguyen and Ghrislain Champagne as well as AAA player Pat Desbiens, all of whom were participants in the recent Classique du Billiard in Thetford Mines. Desbiens was the winner of the 3A event in that tournament.
On Paper, a team with two AAA’s would be one of the favourites to win this tournament and in this case it turned out to be true. For the second time in a row the team of Patrick Desbiens and David Deschenes, both 3A, proved to be too strong as they left St-Hyacinthe the winners. They also took home the lions share of the Calcutta which totaled $570.
In the 2A there were 21 teams that showed up for a chance at the top prize. The possible teams in this division were C / AAA, B/AA and A/A. Taking third place in this tournament was the team of Patrick Pelletier and Marie-France Blanchette. First and Second were split, due to time restraints, between Pascal Roy/Bertrand Richards and Phillipe Roy/Melissa Pelletier. The prize pool was $735 plus $900 in Calcutta.
These tournaments are very popular among the players and often well attended. It is understandable why, as they are a pool hall who caters to the players. An example of this is that all the tables will be re-clothed with tournament blue this week in preparation of the upcoming tournament season.
I would like to thank Luc Paquette for sending me all the details necessary for this update. You may remember Paquette from his great work as one of the main commentators for the streams at the Classique du Billard.
6A Payouts:
2A Payouts:

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