Pool Ocho Open 2011

On July 20, 2011 some of Canada’s finest players traveled to Nicaragua to complete in the Pool Ocho Open. The tournament format was 8 groups of 8 with the top four from each group moving on to the final 32 bracket. Toronto player John Morra managed to get out of his bracket with wins over Luis Diego Calvo (8-1) and Danilo Montero (8-7). Adam Smith, originally from Mississauga and now playing out of Detroit secured his spot in the 32 player elimination bracket with wins over Adris Quintero (8-1) and Maximiliano Gamerro (8-3). Alex Pagulayan has been proudly waving the Canadian flag since his return to the western hemisphere. Alex made quick work of Miguel Batres with a 8-0 score and followed up with a 8-3 win over Esteban Espinoza to put him through.
With all three Canadians making it to the elimination bracket, it was only a matter of time before they would have to face each other. Adam Smith took on the young John Morra early and won the match with a 9-5 score. Adam then clinched his spot in the semi-finals with another 9-5 win over Ernesto Dominguez. This set up another all Canadian battle against the reigning Canadian snooker champion Alex Pagulayan. Alex proved to be too strong for the less experienced Adam Smith winning his match 10-3.
In the finals, Alex Pagulayan faced Shane Van Boening who just celebrated his 28th birthday the week before. Shane earned his spot in the finals with wins over Carlos Navarro (9-0), Johnny Martinez (9-8), Gerald Lopez (9-3) and Rodney Morris (10-3). Shane decided he was going to have his cake and eat it too! He took care of Alex with an 11-6 score. Congratulations Shane and Happy Birthday! We look forward to seeing you at Shooters in Toronto for the Clash of the Titans on August 12th.
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Here are the final results:
1st – Shane Van Boening – $20,000
2nd – Alex Pagulayan – $10,000
3-4th – Adam Smith – $4,000
3-4th – Rodney Morris – $4,000
5-8th – Gerald Lopez – $?
5-8th – Marco Marquez – $?
5-8th – Ernesto Dominguez – $?
5-8th – Jorge Llanos – $?
9-16th – Johnny Martinez – $750
9-16th – Francisco Taylor – $750
9-16th – Oscar Dominguez – $750
9-16th – Robert Saez – $750
9-16th – Jimmy Barboza – $750
9-16th – John Morra – $750
9-16th – Yousep Jalal – $750
9-16th – Thorsten Hohmann – $750

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