Miller With First Win of the Season

Rack-M-Up Summer Series#4:

Miller With First Win of the Season

Killer moments after sinking the final 9
Killer moments after sinking the final 9

For the third time in four tournaments a full field of 16 showed up to take part in the Rack-M-Up Summer Series this past Saturday. Once again the series saw a new winner as local player Justin “Killer” Miller(7) who was playing in his first tournament of the season, took home top prize.
Not much success for me again on this day as I played Jay Hall (7), who was also playing his first tournament of the season. At 3-3 with me going to 5, things were looking up however his strong play and my inability to play a decent safety ended my hopes swiftly from there with a 7-3 loss.
Next up was Walter Szydlowsky, the same wile old veteran who ended my tournament a few weeks ago, was looking to do the same. He left me a gift in the first game with a 3 ball run out. Somewhere between a lack of concentration and a continuation of my bad play of late, I rattled the ball and donated the rack right back. Smelling blood in the water after this, Sydlowsky played very tight and did not let me back in this set winning 6-3.
Miller, who recently bumped up to a 7, did not seem phased by the added game to his ranking and easily won his first few matches. That is until he met up with Jacques Sauve (7) in the winners side final who has done everything but win this season. Sauve played a solid match and came from 5-3 down to win 7-5.
With Sauve in the hot-seat, Miller patiently waited for the losers side to play out. It was no surprise that Jody Roy, a two time finalist this season, earned another opportunity to win. This was an interesting match with Roy being a slight favorite. However Miller, who frequently plays cash games with Roy and is familiar with his style, took control of this match from the start with his safety play. Miller stifled Roy and went on to win 7-4.
Killer playing Roy Loser Side Final
Killer playing Roy Loser Side Final

In the final, Sauve had no answers for Miller as he was able to build a 4-1 lead. Sauve had his moments and after a controversial no call on a two rail kick, that looked to carom off the 9 before the 7 which resulted in him winning the rack. From there is appeared as if Sauve was poised to come back. However “Killer”, cool and calm as always, stayed the course and dispatched his opponent 7-4 to win the top prize.
For all players at all levels the lesson learned in this match is anytime you think there is a possibility of a foul you need to have a ref watching. Otherwise if there is a dispute and no designated official, the argument is automatically won by the shooter.
The next tournament will be July 12. Call Doug Disotell at 613-933-9362 to register early. Remember there are only four left and you need four to qualify for the Grande Finale with added money and a Calcutta.
1.Justin Miller-$160
2.Jacques Sauve-$100
3.Jody Roy-$60
4.Jeff Flemming -$40

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