Pagulayan Wins Clash of the Titans

On August 12-13th the CPA, Le Spot Billiards and Shooters Snooker and Sports Club presented The Clash Of The Titans. Free live streaming was provided in high definition courtesy of Inside Pool TV.
CPA rules:
Race to 75 point (each ball worth 1 point, 9-ball worth 2 points)
Best out 3 of 5
45 second shot clock
No jump cues
No push out
No 3 foul rule
Round Robin Results
Alex Pagulayan (3) vs John Morra (2)
Shane Van Boening (3) vs Jason Klatt (0)
Shane Van Boening (3) vs John Morra (2)
Alex Pagulayan (3) vs Jason Klatt (0)
Shane Van Boening (3) vs Alex Pagulayan (1)
Scotch Doubles Tournament
4 CPA players were randomly selected to pair up with the Titans in a scotch doubles 8-ball. In the first semi-final, Samantha Croft & Shane Van Boening defeated Ron Chorniuk and Alex Pagulayan in the race to 2. The second semi-final featured Natasha Khan & John Morra vs Kevin Booker & Jason Klatt. Natasha and John Morra won (2-1).
The finals of this scotch doubles event was an exciting one. In the hill-hill game, John Morra hooked Samantha Croft on her last ball. After an excellent time out by Shane, Samantha kicked in their last ball off the long rail to set up Shane on the 8-ball. The crowd went wild as Samantha and Shane won the very entertaining doubles event.
The professional play continued Sunday with elimination format. In the first semi-final, Shane struggled with his break but managed to pull out the win over Jason Klatt. The second semi-final witnessed a Pagulayan victory after trailing 2-0 to the young John Morra. Pagulayan kept his momentum going t0 earn the title with a 3-1 win over Van Boening.
1st – Alex Pagulayan $4,000
2nd – Shane Van Boening $2,500
3rd – John Morra $1,500
4th – Jason Klatt $1,500
Photo Gallery
Krista Brown – referee, scored 98 in the CPA referee test
Rod Babin – commentator, CPA Division Ref – Current winner of the Division Rep award
Yonette Alphonso – score keeper, CPA division rep, previous head div rep
Farrah Barmak – score keeper
Other volunteers: Lynn Kluke, Samantha Croft, Kristian Croft, Linda McGrath, Natasha Khan
Provided by:
Inside Pool Mag
CPA Leagues
Le Spot Billiards
Mezz Cues
Diamond Billiard Products
Mr. Billiard

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