Baycroft Wins John Fabbro Memorial – Strokers Brampton

John Kenyon
Thank you everyone for the support, we had a great turn out with a full board of 32 and raised $375 for the Heart And Stroke
John Kenyon defeated Vince Fudge on the B-side finals to come around and play Gord Baycroft in the finals, John had to defeat Gord twice to win the title, John took the first set 5-4. Gord then took the final set 5-2 to win the 1st annual John Fabbro Memorial. Congratulations to everyone!!!
1st – Gord Baycroft
2nd – John Kenyon
3rd – Vince Fudge
4th – Vince McIntyre
5th/6th -Waynn Osborne
5th/6th – Steve Shaw
7th/8th – Dilip Chhaniyara
7th/8th – Randy Bacchus
Next tournament at Strokers will be Star Wars (no handicaps just a straight race to 5), this will be held near the end of April beginning of May. Contact Jim 647-388-4960 for more details.

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