Jeet and Jago Reign

Yet another novel event was held this past weekend (August 15, 2015) at the Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in North York to meet the desires of local pool players during the “dog days” of August. This format was a handicapped Scotch Doubles 8 Ball tournament. The event was intended to be a one day tournament with a maximum with 16 teams. Unfortunately more teams wanted to participate but were unable to be accommodated. As it was with the 16 teams, the event ran on until the wee hours of the morning.
These ‘one-off’ events have proven to be very popular with players during the summer season at a time when it is typically very slow for local billiard halls. This was the 6th event to be held at Shooters this summer since the ‘404’ and ‘Amateur’ 9 Ball series events wrapped up at the end of May. And upcoming this weekend at Shooters is a traditional 8 Ball event open to all Amateurs with a recognized ‘404’ handicap of 8 or under.
The vast majority of tournaments held at Shooters are typically 9 Ball events so it was no surprise that several of the teams who entered this Scotch Doubles event were 8 Ball “specialists” from other rooms and leagues around the GTA. As play was concluding on Saturday it was the team of Jeet Kandhai and Jago Raghoo who were facing the team of Carlin Sanderson and Don Eddie in the ‘A’ side final while over on the ‘B’ side it was Steve Menezes and Toby Huang versus the powerhouse team of Bill Hong and Andy Mizan for 4th place – the winner to play the loser of the ‘A’ side final.
It was Hong and Mizan who prevailed in the 4th place match to set up the ‘B’ side final against the pairing of Sanderson and Eddie who fell to Kandhai and Raghoo in a hill/hill match on the ‘A’ side. In the ‘B’ side final Hong and Mizan over powered Sanderson and Eddie for the right to play Kandhai and Raghoo for the tournament title. With two very strong teams in the final it was Hong and Mizan who ran out of gas falling to the team of Jeet Kandhai and Jago Raghoo for the tournament win.
Congratulations to Jeet Kandhai and Jago Raghoo for their tournament win. Their 8 Ball win was very decisive and continued a summer of solid tournament pool for these players.
Thank you to all the participants in this tournament. As noted in past articles, there are more innovative tournament formats on the horizon at Shooters for the balance of the summer before the 404‘ and ‘Amateur’ series begin for 2015/16. Dates for 2015/16 have already been posted in www.thepoolscene. Tournament qualifiers are generally being run for each of these ‘one-off’ events. Check the Shooters Snookerclub Facebook page and www.thepoolscene for details and dates.

Finish Player Prize Money Calcutta
1st Jeet Kandhai / Jago Raghoo $900 $520
2nd Bill Hong / Andy Mizan $500 $300
3rd Carlin Sanderson / Don Eddie $320 $180
4th Steve Menezes / Toby Huang $200

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