Independent Queens Cup : Asia vs West Info sheet

Event name: Queens Cup 

Length: 3 day event   November 5th-7th 
Location: Resorts World Manila
TV Coverage: ABS-CBN Sports, Studio 23, Balls, TFC, & Global broadcast network affiliates
Time: 2:00pm – 6:00pm daily Manila time
Game style: 10-ball .  Race to 4  every match
Goal: First team to win 10 matches will be the champions
Official Table: Min Table   Official Cloth: Andy Cloth   Official Balls: Aramith  Official Chalk: Master 
Event Organizer: Dragon Promotions 
*Media Q&A with the Teams will take place at 130pm right before the 2pm start time of matches on Nov. 5th
Players for Team West:
  • Kelly Fisher (England) – Captain.  (2011 World 10-Ball Champion)
  • Allison Fisher (England) – (15x World Pool & Snooker Champion)
  • Jasmin Ouschan (Austria) – (2010 World 10-Ball Champion)
  • Vivian Villarreal (USA) – (former #1 Pro Ranked. 2x Silver Medalist World Championships)
Players for Team Asia:
  • Ga Young Kim (South Korea) – Captain. (2012 World 10-Ball Champion)
  • Rubilen Amit (Philippines) – (2009 World 10-Ball Champion)
  • Siming Chen (China) – (2011 China Open Champion & 2012 World 10-Ball Silver Medalist)
  • Pei Chen Tsai (Taiwan) – (2010 China Open Champion & 2011 World 10-Ball Silver Medalist)

1. Minimal of 10 matches will be played. A maximum of 19 matches .
2. Captains must submit team lineup by 10am Nov 5th for Day 1 Matches .
Then Captains must submit lineup for Day 2 matches by 10am Nov 6th for Day 2.
Captains must submit lineup for Day 3 matches by 10am Nov 7th for Day 3.
3.All doubles, triples, and quadruples matches are alternate shot. Order can be changed each game, but the breaker must alternate.
4.Non- Playing players in a match are allowed to coach from sidelines and within the arena if playing.
5. 30 sec shot clock. 1 extension per game per team
*Only if the final match score is 9-9 will each team receive 2 extensions in a hill hill match. But each team will receive a bonus timeout of 1 minute at start of match.
6. Captains and any player in arena can call timeout for 1 minute twice a day (not match) . During timeouts, the Captain and any or all of teammates may enter arena to discuss. At the end of timeout, clock will resume and start back at 30 secs.
Special Rules :
*Players may call a 2 way or 3 way shot at anytime each game. Maximum of 3 balls and 3 pockets can be selected.
** If 10-Ball is made in sidepockets or above corner pockets, it will be ball in hand for that team that makes it and 10-Ball will be spotted immediately.

*** No rack checking. This is due to save time for the live TV. Referees will be instructed to make sure the one ball is clearly touching. We highly recommend breaking with high force.

Day 1-   Wear Short sleeve Team shirts . Black pants .

4 on 4  – All members of team will be required to play.
Doubles  – Any 2 players
Doubles  – The 2 players who have not played yet
Singles – Any player
Singles – Any remainder 3 players
3-3 – Any 3 players
Day 2 –  Wear Long sleeve Team shirts . Black pants .
Singles – Any remainder 2 players
Singles – Last remaining player
3-on-3 – Any 3 players but must include player leftout in previous 3-on-3
Doubles – Any 2 players
4 on 4 – All players
Singles Captains Pick – Any player
Day 3  –  Wear Short sleeve Team shirts . Black pants .
Doubles -(Losing team Captain’s pick. The losing team may select its own players as well as choose the opposing team’s player) (If score is tied, leftout players of Day 2 will play)
Singles  -(Captains pick)
3-on-3   -Any 3 players
4-on 4  – All players
Singles  – Any of the 3 remaining players
Singles – Captains will have 5 minutes to discuss with team. Losing team Captain’s pick. The losing team may select its own player as well as choose the opposing team’s player
4-on – 4 – All players

Charlie Williams    Dragon Promotions Founder    1-321-276-3967

Dragon Promotions

Dragon Promotions started in 2001 and is one of the leading producers and pioneers in the sporting side of the billiard industry.

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