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Derek Claus wins JJQ's 8-Ball Event

The 3rd event of Behind The 8 Ball was played out this past Saturday at JJQs Billiards in Mississauga, Ontario. With the local leagues having events being played throughout Ontario, 24 players came out to test their skills.
Derek Claus and Marc Dumoulin went through the A side unscathed. Derek started with a Bye followed by a 6-2 win against Vince Belanger, a 6-1 win over Paul Wright and a 6-1 win over Hasan Shahid.

Marc Dumoulin

Marc’s path to the final had him beating Wasana Manamperi 7-1, a 7-2 win over Brenda Phillips-Ridge, 6-3 win over Derek Bedard and a 6-2 win over Rob Brandenburg.
Derek Claus
The A side final had started and what a match this was. Derek had capitulated out to a 4-0 lead and a 5-1 lead before Marc started finding his stroke. With both players proving to be the most consistent players thus far in the tournament, it was inevitable this match was going to hill-hill. Derek prevailed as the winner with an incredible bank shot with 3 balls remaining.
So with Derek Claus from Brantford, Ontario waiting in the hot seat and Marc Dumoulin from Borden, Ontario in the B side final, players were now waiting to see which players would advance.
Attilio Polsinelli from Toronto almost continued his great run in the tournament, but lost 5-2 to Derek Bedard also from Toronto. Jeff Dick from Cambridge, ran into a hot Paul Wright from Oakville. With Paul wining 3-1.
Paul almost added another big win to his collection as he raced out to a 2-0 lead against Rob Brandenburg. Rob with all his experience and know how, managed to swing the game in his favor winning the next 6 racks to advance.
Local boy from Mississauga, Hasan Shahid had a great tournament. He ended up beating Derek Bedard with a convincing 4-1 win.
The 4th place match was confirmed with Rob vs Hasan. Hasan having played this entire tournament with no fear almost pulled off a big win but with the match poised at hill hill and Hasan at the table, things were not looking good for Rob. Hasan ended up catching the side horn on the 6 ball and knew his chances were over. Rob cleared up his remaining balls to win 6-2.
With Rob having just scraped through his last two rounds, he now had to face Marc Dumoulin. With Marc not be able to capitalize on his run outs, he just gave too many chances to Rob, who frankly was not in the mood to miss. Rob prevailed to a 6-1 win.
So with the finals set it was Derek Claus vs Rob Brandenburg. With these two great players, mistakes were very minimal with both players basically running out on their breaks. This match like many others was played hill-hill, with Rob winning 6-5.
The 2nd set was poised to be an even better match than the first set, but with Derek not making many mistakes and Rob now rattling a few shots. Derek powered his way to win the 3rd event with a convincing 6-2 win.
Congratulations to all the winners and players that participated.
Final Results were as follows:
1st. Derek Claus ($240)
2nd. Rob Brandenburg ($180)
3rd. Marc Dumoulin ($125)
4th. Hasan Shahid ($60)
Next event will be bigger and more players available to play as there is no conflicts with other events. Next one is October 6th at JJQs in Mississauga. Doors open at 11am. Hope to see you all then.

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