Canadians Clash with Legends

World class play continues in Mississippi at the 2012 Southern Classic 9-day event. One pocket started Sunday as the banks division wound down. Eddie Cirasella drew non other than Corey Deuel who made quick work of him displaying his strong knowledge of the game. Corey would go on to win the match 3-0.
Both Justin Kluznik and John Morra both won their 1st and 2nd Round matches 3-0, 3-0 to remain undefeated along side Alex Pagulayan going into the third round.

Eddie Cirasella
Third round one pocket would begin Tuesday with Eddie Cirasella using his buy back to draw top player Brandon Shuff. After learning a thing or two from Corey in an earlier match, an eager Cirasella would prove to be a quick learner making every game close in ball count. This match was an all out battle however Brandon would edge out Eddie in each game to win 3-0.
John Morra and Justin Kluznik were in disbelief as they would draw each other to start the 3rd round. Some critical errors by Justin would be costly as Morra would come out victorious with another 3-0 victory. Justin would use his buy back only to suffer another 3-0 loss to end his tournament. John Morra locked up two more wins to remain undefeated after round 6. Go Morra!
Round 7 one pocket began Wednesday morning along with the first Round of 9 Ball in the afternoon. After a 6th round win over Benny Yates, John Morra would draw Benny again in the 7th round with Benny coming out with a 3-2 win over Morra. With under 20 players left Morra would draw 2012 Southern Classic Banks Champion Justin Hall in the 8th round after buying back. Some minor errors from Morra would prove to be all Justin Hall needed to record a 3-0 win ending Morra’s run in the one pocket event.
In the afternoon, 1st round nine ball began. Eddie Cirasella won a nail biter after leading 6-0 against Walter A, a errant scratch after potting the nine to win. His opponent put on a clinic in safety play grinding the match back to even at 6-6. Walter would break on the hill potting a ball then hooking Cirasella leaving him no option but to play a creative one rail bending draw shot off the rail potting the one and eventually clearing an adventurous table to secure the victory.
Justin Kluznik would continue on with some unique draws running into The Legend Cecil “Buddy” Hall. Justin would break first settling for a push out. Buddy would select to take on a long bank one ball making the pot an running the table with ease taking the lead 1-0. After some good play from both players the score was tied at 4-4 with Justin Kluznik breaking. When a dry break ensued buddy would show some creativity potting an incredible 1-9 ball combo up the rail caroming off the 7 in the side taking the lead 5-4. Buddy then executed a golden break making the nine and mounting the hill at 6-4. After dry break from buddy Kluznik would run to the 6 ball but find himself out of position hooked behind the 7.
Buddy Hall
A touchy critical kick safety shot was hit to the applause of the crowd, Buddy was in a tough spot but still made the hit selling out the rack making the score 6-5. In the 12th rack another long table kick safe was made by Kluznik granting him ball in hand to square it up a 6-6. A break then a safety shot was executed by Justin followed by a kick shot from buddy leaving a fine cut on the 6. Justin would make the 6 only to leave himself shooting off the rail over the nine ball to pot the 7. He rattled the seven sending the cue ball up table for eight which hooked buddy. Not being able to use jump cues in this event forced Buddy to kick at the seven ball but would miss leaving a three ball out for Kluznik to get the win 7-6!
John Morra will be playing Landon Shuffet in the 10-ball challenge tonight at 9pm race to 15 on the 5x10s. He will play his first match in the nine ball Thursday morning. Jason Klatt and Alex Pagulayan had 1st round wins in the nine ball as well. Go Canada!
10-Ball Challenge:
Round 1
Charlie Bryant (15)
David Gutierrez (1)
Johnny Archer (15)
Stevie Moore (14)
Phil Burford (15)
Max Eberle(3)
Dennis Orcollo (15)
Brandon Shuff (8)
Darren Appleton vs. Alex Pagulayan
Rob Saez vs. Jeremy Jones
Earl Strickland vs. Shane Van Boening
John Morra vs. Landon Shuffet

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