Canadian Champion Gone South

After winning 3 of 4 events at the 2012 Canadian Championships, Alex Pagulayan has opted to compete in the United States this year after a scheduling conflict which created some turmoil amongst our touring Canadian professionals. The Southern Classic in Tunica, Mississippi runs from June 21 to June 29 and the CBSA Canadian Championships runs from June 21 to July 2.

Alex Pagulayan
Alex Pagulayan

It was a wise move for Pagulayan as he has already taken the $8,000 1st place prize in the banks division. Alex went undefeated through 11 rounds with wins over Tommy Strickland, Robert Melrose, Chip Compton, Robb Saez, Lee Van Corteza, Nikos Ekonomopoulos, Jonathan DeMet, Chris Melling, John Brumback, Richie Richeson and Skyler Woodward. Alex is also undefeated after 6 rounds of play in the one-pocket division.
Pagulayan will be missed at this years Canadian Championships, more so by the fans than the players.

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