Calderone Claims Inaugural Topwater Memorial One Pocket Event

Alex Calderone certainly had his work cut out for him at the first annual one pocket event to commemorate the life and times of fallen pool player, Jerald “Topwater” Jackson, held at Bogies Billiards in Houston, Texas, July 1st-3rd, 2016. From the one loss side, Calderone came back to battle Jeremy Jones in the final, securing both sets, 3-1, 3-2. Trickshot Champion Mike Massey, Scotland’s Scott Proud, Manny Chau, and Sylver Ochoa, among others, competed in the event, which boasted a $7,000 prize fund, and three days of action-packed live streaming.
From start to finish, the intense one pocket action had event-goers on the edge of their seats. In a race to 3, where virtually anything is possible, players tightened up their games which made for long sets and high anxiety. Seasoned players like Jeremy Jones are all too familiar with this kind of pressure, and handled it in stride. Jones began his quest with wins over Sylver Ochoa, 3-1, and Robert Clark, 3-0, while Alex Calderone overcame James Davis, Jr., Ernesto Bayaua, 3-0, and Manny Chau, 3-1. Houston’s own Chase Rudder made an impressive trek, with wins over Gerardo Perez, 3-1, Adam Cooper, 3-0, and Fort Worth’s Clint Mayo, 3-2, while Scott Proud bested Phil Martin, David Richardson, 3-0, and Ray Lopez, 3-1. On the one loss side, coming off a recent Lone Star Billiards Tour win, Jeff Chauncey eliminated Dennis Perry, 3-0, Dallas’ Roman Bayda, 3-2, and Manny Chau, 3-1. Austin’s James Davis, Jr. eliminated Cooper, 3-2, Dustin Taylor, 3-1, but fell to Robert Clark. Ernesto Bayaua was upset by Ray Lopez, 3-1, while Ochoa took down Scott McKenzie, Mike Massey, 3-0, and Clint Mayo, 3-0. Back on the east side, Calderone commanded a 2-0 lead over Jones, but following a couple of unforced errors, Jones came back to win the set, 3-2. Rudder and Proud fought equally hard, going double hill, but it was Rudder who pulled ahead to win, 3-2. Jones defeated Rudder for the hot seat, 3-1. On the west side, Clark ended Chauncey’s run, 3-2, while Lopez upset Ochoa, 3-2. In turn, Clark was eliminated by Proud, 3-0, and Lopez was ousted by Calderone, 3-1. Calderone went on to defeat Proud, 3-1, and Rudder, 3-0, earning himself a rematch with Jones. In the first set, Calderone came on strong, handing Jones his first loss of the tournament, 3-1. In the second set, both players fought for every safety, and every shot. Tied at 2-2, a missed seven ball caused Jones to lose control of the table, costing him the game, and the set. Congratulations to Alex Calderone who made an incredible come back to win this inaugural event!

Photos courtesy of: Bobby Garcia Photography

Jeremy and Priscilla Jackson, along with many friends, attended the memorial event in honor of their father, who was a big part Houston’s pool community for more than 30 years. Jackson was well known for his big gamble, never-say-die attitude, and his insatiable thirst for action. One pocket was his favorite game. Jackson’s heart gave out on October 30th, 2014. He was 53.
Credits for this event include David and Shannon Richardson, owners of Bogies Billiards who graciously added $2,000 to the prize fund, (live streaming), Bobby Garcia Photography, David Kurjan (, Walter Kelly Cue Repair, and Mike Massey who performed a few trick shots for the crowd.
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1st Alex Calderone $1,550/$1,250
2nd Jeremy Jones $1,090/$800
3rd Chase Rudder $670/$500
4th Scott Proud $450/$250
5th-6th Ray Lopez, Robert Clark $240 ea.

Kim Newsome

Kim White-Newsome, also known as the "Lone Star" of Texas, is a touring, billiard professional competing on the Women's Professional Billiard Tour in the U.S. and abroad. She has been a top-ranked professional since 2001, acquiring numerous top ten finishes and TV appearances in her short career. "Lone Star" is the house pro at the legendary Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar located in Houston, Texas, and is sponsored by, and plays with, Poison by Predator Cues based in Jacksonville, Florida. She is the Executive Director of the Lone Star Billiards Tour, Poison by Predator Tour, and the Gulf Coast Women's Regional Tour. Kim is currently serving a 3-year term on the WPBA Board of Directors and was elected WPBA President in February 2014.

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