Asia City Snooker Club Grand Final

Asia City Snooker Club Grand Final:

Malaysia’s Team WP won 4-1

Thailand’s Team Hi End Noppon Seangkham potted 139 break

On 11th January 2018, the 2017-2018 CBSA China (Asia) City Snooker Club League Grand Final concluded in Foshan Nanhai Gymnasium. In the Open Category, Noppon Seangkham, from Thailand’s Team Hi End, scored an amazing 139 break. However, that did not waver Team WP’s confidence, who eventually won with the score of 4-1.

The battle into the grand finals was not easy for Thailand’s Team Hi End and Malaysia’s Team WP. Hi End’s players include Noppon Seangkham, who is currently World Ranking No.64 and played into the Last 32 in the 2017 World Snooker Championship. His partner is the well-known 17-years-old female player, Nutcharut Wongharuthai, who won the 2017 World Women Snooker
U18 and U21 Championship. Team Hi End had defeated China’s Xiao Guodong and Li Hang Team (重庆肖国栋队) 3-1 and hot favourite Cao Yupeng and Zhang Anda Team (广州致盛俱乐) with 4-3 in the opening rounds.
Team WP consists of Malaysia’s best players: former ranking player, Moh Keen Hoo, and 2017 Sky Open Snooker Tournament Champion, Lim Kok Leong. Both players had teamed up together before to win the 2015 IBSF World Team Championship. They were matched against another of China’s hot favourite Lv Haotain and Niu Zhuang Team (六安火箭台球俱乐部), defeating
them narrowly 3-2. Hence, both teams were determine to win the tournament after the tough matches they have matched against.
The grand finals started on the dot at 13:00. In the first round, Moh defeated the nervous Wongharuthai with 63 points to 6. In the next round, Seangkham, continuing his excellent performance of 100+ points break since the start of the tournament, played a break of 139 in the frame, levelling the competition to a draw. The third round was a double play. Lim dedicated himself into the match, beating his opponents 82-22, putting Team WP ahead at 2-1.
In the fourth round, Moh played against Seangkham for the single frame. Mistakes made by both caused the points to equalise for a long time. Eventually, Moh switched to a defense strategy to pull ahead. At this critical juncture, the table was left with blue, pink and black balls. Seangkham tried to reverse the situation, but lost when Moh potted the blue and pink balls to win the fourth round with the score of 82-38. Under the heavy pressure to win back the fifth round’s single frame, Wongharuthai made mistakes after mistakes to give the game away, scoring only 22 points against Lim’s 70 points, securing Malaysia’ Team WP victory 4-1 against Thailand’s Team Hi End.

2017/18 CBSA China (Asia) City Snooker Club League Grand Final is a team event which has attracted 50 open category teams and 34 amateur category teams from over 31 Chinese Cities and cities from Cambodia, Iran, Malaysia and Thailand.
It is hosted by China General Sports Administration Small Ball Management Center and China Billiard Snooker Association. Supported by Asian Confederation Billiards Association (ACBS), organized by Foshan Sports Bureau, Nanhai Sports Cultural Bureau, Foshan Wiraka Southern Consulting Company. Sponsored Partners are Wiraka Pte Ltd (Snooker Tables), Saluc (Aramith Balls), AW Hainsworth (Snooker Cloth), Tianti Sports (Intelligent Billiards App).
Article by 2017/18 CBSA China (Asia) City Snooker Club League Grand Final Organizing Committee.

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