Accu-Stats "Make it Happen" 1 Pocket Results

make it happenThis past weekend at Sandcastle Billiards in New Jersey the Accu-Stats “Make it Happen” One Pocket Invitational title was up for grabs. Three ‘One Pocket’ legends and three future stars of the game slated to do battle. The event titled “Make it Happen” described exactly what did happen in this unique event, enthusiasts of the game were invited to step up and buy VIP tickets to the matches. All of the revenue from ticket purchases was put towards the prize fund in which the players were not required to pay an entry. In return the enthusiasts each received a full recording package of the event, front row seating for the weekend and signed memorabilia from all the players who competed.
Four of the players were chosen based on known ability over their careers. One Pocket legend Efren Reyes was at the head of this list and fan favourites Alex Pagulayan, Scott Frost and Shane Van Boening were also chosen in the original selection process. There was then an open vote for the two remaining spots and up and comer Justin Hall who has had many high finishes in one pocket tournaments in recent years took one spot. The other went to newcomer to the big stage Danny Smith, who had a significant challenge match win against Darren Appleton.
The format for the tournament was a race to 3 round robin, the two best records would advance to play in the finals. There were a lot of hill hill matches in the robin, something that was to be expected as all the players in the field were true champions of the game. Scott Frost and Alex Pagulayan were coming off a 4 day One Pocket marathon in Las Vegas just a few days before, they played a challenge match where the winner had to get 8 games ahead. The score could have been 8-0 but in the end it took close to 100 games before Pagulayan was finally able to gain the edge.
It could have just been coincidence and again there were a lot of close matches but Pagulayan and Frost seemed to be showing the effects of the 4 day mental grind. Pagulayan ended the event with a 0-5 record and Frost was left out of contention with a 2-3 record. Justin Hall also fell short losing to Frost, Reyes and Van Boening finishing the weekend with a 2-3 record.make it happen2
The round robin came to a climactic end with Efren Reyes faced off against Shane Van Boening, both had 3-1 records going into the match. The winner would advance to the final against Danny Smith who had a stellar performance advancing to the final with a 4-1 record. This match did not disappoint and went right down to the wire. With the the score tied at 2-2 the game went into classic one pocket battle mode with all the balls being pushed up table and the game time going over the 30 minute mark. Reyes as he has done so many times in his career, eventually gained the advantage and won the game. This would set up a final match of youth versus experience and Reyes once again rose to the challenge with a 3-1 victory to claim the title.

Alex Pagulayan, photo courtesy of Ray Hansen
Alex Pagulayan, photo courtesy of Ray Hansen
With Pagulayan’s recent win in the Frost-Pagulayan challenge match it is hard to deny him as the unofficial best One Pocket player in the world. However Reyes has two major titles of his own this year with the Smoking Aces one pocket title and now the Make it Happen title. It would be great to see these two Filipino champions go head to head in an extended challenge match format.
Let’s not forget that Reyes is over 60 years old now and for him to still be winning at the highest level is something that we may never see again. Special thanks goes out to the crew at Accu-Stats who have been bringing world class pool to the American public since the time of VHS tapes, along with the players they truly “Made It Happen” this weekend in New Jersey.

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