3rd Time is the Charm for Jacques Sauvé

This past Saturday Rack-M-Up Billiards hosted the 5th tournament out of 8 scheduled for the second season of the Summer Series. Continuing the tradition as of late, the series saw its 5th different winner in Jacques Sauvé (7), a long time local player who has had multiple runner up finishes this year.
The day started poorly for Sauvé, losing his first match to one of the previous winners Kevin Thibeault (4). I was watching this match and saw that Sauvé was in control of most racks, however he missed four 9 ball attempts which Thibeualt converted every time regardless where it was on the table.The full table cross corner Thibeault hammered in to win pretty much summed up that first set for Jacques.
From there Sauvé began grinding out the losers side of bracket beating Platon Liolos, who ended my day early in his previous match. Sauvé continued on his pace systematically winning all his matches until he got his second chance at Thibeault in the B side final.
After dropping the first two games Sauvé began to catch form and quickly got to the hill at 6-2. However, as it happens from time to time, the case game can be the hardest to win. This proved to be true for Sauvé as he missed a 6 ball leaving an easy out for his opponent. With the scoreline 6-3 this was a was a double hill match as Thibeault only had to go to (4). Keeping his cool, Sauvé found a way to win. With another top 3 finish Thibeault was bumped up to a (5) at the end of this tournament.

Jaucques Sauvé
Jaucques Sauvé winning reaction
photo by Markus Noe

Jeff Flemming, another previous winner, waited patiently in the hot-seat after cruising through all of his opponents. He was looking to be the first two time winner this year but it was not to be as some early mistakes led to a 2-0 lead for Sauvé, and he never looked back winning 7-2. Only three tournaments left to get the 4 needed to qualify for the Grande Finale that will have lots of added money and a Calcutta.
Prize Money
Jacques Sauvé-$160
Jeff Flemming-$100
Kevin Thibeault-$60
Dave Hookimaw-$40

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