Simonis and EPBF remain partners in 2018

One of the longest partners in the history of the EPBF is the cloth company Simonis from Belgium. Founded already in 1680, the Belgium-based company has a unique reputation in the world of billiards. Not only pool tables but also carom tables and snooker tables are significantly bettered when using Simonis cloth with them. “Simonis is one of our key partners,” stated EPBF President Gre Leenders, “and we could not see our future without them. EPBF and Simonis have always been a perfect match and hopefully will remain so for a long time to come”. Director of Simonis, Mr.Bernard Bollette said: “We at Simonis are delighted with the renewed deal with EPBF/IBPF. It’s an honor to support their events. Pool is a strong sport and all players participating to the EPBF/IBPF events deserve the best equipment and conditions. We think this is what Simonis provides.”

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