Predator and EPBF team up again in 2018

In 2018 again, the Predator brand has chosen to become a partner of the EPBF in sponsoring all major events. It is the second consecutive year that Predator is in the EPBF sponsor pool and fans will definitely remember the colourful advertising videos that were shown in the videos last year during the events. This year, Predator is back with even more powerful videos of new products that will definitely catch the eye of many pool fans all over Europe and the World. Predator CEO Karim Belhaj stated: “Predator Group is thrilled to continue our partnership with the EPBF and Eurotour. The promotion and growth of pocket billiards is a key component of the Predator Group mission.
We believe that the EPBF has been, and will continue to be an exceptional partner as we continue to grow the game’s exposure and participation.” IBP President David Morris: “We are excited to have Predator on board in 2018 again. They are among the key companies in our industry and we are looking forward to the cooperation with them in 2018. Also, we are looking forward to more exciting advertisement videos,” added Morris.

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