Lechner seals the deal at Bunny Open

The Bunny Open 2018 at Patrick’s Canadian Tavern in Rankweil, Austria, have come to an end with one local Austrian player winning the trophy. Maximilian Lechner (AUT) took the title at the event which featured once again a strong field of participants.

11.000,-€ in total were at stake in Rankweil, and around 160 players found their way into the beautiful billiard room in Vorarlberg. Additionally to the nice prize money, also 4 tickets to enter the Euro-Tour waited for the winners of the side event. The participants from over 20 nations were handled by a high profile tournament leader: Gre Leenders, the President of the EPBF himself, directed the event.

One proof for the attractiveness of the event is the fact that registrations opened on January 15th. The very next day, 160 players had already announced. One day later, even 195 player would have competed if the facilities had allowed so. The Bunny Open is well known for its marvellous atmosphere and high profile players. Over the years, players like Mario He (AUT), Dimitri Jungo (SUI) and Roman Hybler (CZE) were able to sign their name in the list of the champions. However, last year’s winner Hybler was not able to defend his title this year. The final eight players this year consisted of 3 Swiss, 2 Germans, 2 Austrians and 1 Italian. It must be remarked here that the 15-year-old Austrian newcomer David Arda (AUT) conquered the 9th place in the field. There is surely more to come from that young gentleman.

Maximilian Lechner (AUT)

After the final match, Lechner stated: “When I was up 5:0 against my good opponent Nicolas Ottermann (GER), I thought that a nine ball break would be perfect for me right now. What can I say; I broke the rack and the 9-ball went straight in. I think I was just on a perfect roll in the match.” “I was overwhelmed by all the fans who supported me during the final match. The organisation from the owner Norbert Engel and tournament leader Gre Leenders was superb as every year.”

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