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CJ Wiley – What Makes A Champion?

CJWileyAre champion players like Willie Mosconi, Ralph Greenleaf, Johnny Archer, and Earl Stickland “made” or “born”? I believe it’s possibly a set of skills that a person’s born with, however…..
Becoming “pro level” is another story, and many players could reach that level if they are willing to “empty their cup”. They must be willing to replace “old information” for new concepts or they will probably hit a “wall” in their development.
Many times the perception of the game makes the biggest difference, and this is evident when talking to the champion players compared to the “top short stops”. The top short stops will see “balls, contact points and angles” where the champion sees potential creativity in all the edges and tangent lines.
The drive to master something to the point of actually being “one with it” is very unusual from what I’ve witnessed. Some of us have it for sports, and games, some for business, some for spirituality, and others for intellect. We all have a “gift” that we can nurture and expand if we choose, or we can just talk about “what could have been”.
Whatever path we choose maintaining a degree of balance is necessary to be content. The balance of one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self is much more advantageous than becoming a “champion” at any one discipline. imho
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