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Canadian Cue Sport Association 3rd Annual Ontario 8-Ball Championships

The DoubleTree International Plaza Hotel in Toronto hosted the 3rd annual CCS Ontario 8-Ball Championships. This years event ran from Wednesday January 17th to Saturday January 20th .

Last years format was used to place players and teams in their proper brackets. Players in the “C” division played a single elimination bracket to find the best players and move them into the next higher bracket “B”. This also took place in the “B” to find players to move up to the “A” division. Teams worked the same way. These seeding brackets were played to a winner this year and most seemed to think it worked better.

Dan Doerner

The Men’s Teams A final ended with two BigWigs teams playing for top honours. The Brew Crew (Rob Blair, Ken Botham, Norm Glover, Jim Horsley and Ian Ogilvie) beat Kuy’s Guys (Tol Kuy, Dennis Rhodes, Keith Dusome, Dan Doerner and John Black) to take first place. The Dirt Shootin Demons (Wayne Graves, Bob Johnson, John Allinson, Don Cronk, Brad Hitchcock, Steve Phipps, Greg Johnson and John Atkins) came third. The Men’s B final was also a battle between two teams from the same league (SW Ontario). The Geezers (Roy Mason, Ernie Osborne, Evan Morris, Rob Brandenburg and Jason Georgei) had to play two matches to defeat Colby’s (Greg Johnson, Jake Jamieson, Kevin Maracle, Gord Birch and Brian Johnson) for first place. Joker’s Wild (Rob Summers, Brian Hall, Sam Koutsaris, Fred Roberts, Jeet Kandhai and Deon Neale) rounded out the field with a third place. The C division had The Charlotte Room (George Maxwell, Mike Melnick, Jason Netherton, Tom Cacic, Terry Horton and Rob Kuwahara) taking first place. Second was taken by Rolling Again (Steve Murray, Shawn Dennis, Dave Mounteer, Patrick Secord and Blayne Nelson) from Dunlop Billiards. Bill’s Buds (Bill Michell, Jim Walker, Keith Roy, Wayne Beveridge and Ron Nelson) claimed third.

Stroke it Good with Carrie Dwyer, Jennifer Fliestra, Sophie Houle, Darlene Gardiner and Sheri Blakely, proved too strong and took first place in the Ladies A Teams from Delicious with Jane Adams, Danielle Morris, Sheryl Richmond, Libby Kishimoto and Alicia Frampton. Stacked Racks (Sue Sepp, Sharon Gibson, Kelly Josiak, Sharlene Watkinson, Veronica St. Jean and Dawn Craigie) were third. First place in the Ladies teams B division went to Tony’s Sharkettes (Angela Davis, Brittany Bryant, Julie Smith, Lauren Thomson and Jennifer Copeland) from Guelph over 8-BALL-ITIS (Lozan Sikioso, Bev Avery, Linda McKenzie, Cherry Bright and Roxanne Walsh) from Toronto. The Cambridge team Rack Pack (Jo-Anne Mason, Carrie Smith, Emma Ciccanti and Elizabeth Crawford) fought it out for third place.

Dan Doerner (Keswick) put in a strong performance to win the Men’s Singles A division over Mike LaTourneau of Toronto. Ken Bothamof Keswick came third. The B division was won by Dennis Rhodes of Bradford and second went to Jason Georgei of Cambridge. Mike Hickey of Cambridge came third. Paul Doiron of Timmins bettered Kevin Booker of Scarborough to take the Men’s C division. Brent Bedard of Guelph was a strong third.

Denise Blanger (Toronto) claimed her second Ontario CCS Ladies A singles title in a row. Carrie Dwyer had to settle for a strong second. Rachael D’Emanuelle of Barrie took third. The B Ladies division was won by Daile Moffat (Barrie) over Sara Cattrell (Barrie). Carolina Fernandez of Newmarket was third.

In Scotch Doubles Carrie Dwyer from Cambridge and Rob Brandenburg from Cambridge proved to be too strong for the rest of the field and won over Brittany Bryant from Guelph and Paul Duell from Guelph. Denise Belangerof Toronto and Louis Fazekas of Timmins came third.

The Canadian Cue Sport Association wishes to thank the DoubleTree International Plaza Hotel for hosting this event, Hi Country Promotions of Colorado for the 40 Valley Tables and the unsurpassed Tournament direction by Gary Benson, the ACS certified Referee Crew and all the Sponsors –– Falcon Cues, Don Broos Cue Services, Hot Shots, and BDR Transfers who helped make this Tournament a success.

Next year’s 4rd Annual Canadian Cue Sport Ontario 8-Ball Championship will take place at the DoubleTree International Plaza Hotel, Toronto, Ontario from January 16th to January 19th, 2008. For more information visit the CCS web site at

1st Dan Doerner Keswick $750 and  Canadians Entry
2 Mike LeTourneau Toronto $350
3 Ken Botham Keswick $200
4 Wayne Dwyer Scarborough $100
1st Dennis Rhodes Bradford $450 and Canadians Entry
2 Jason Georgei Cambridge $250
3 Mike Hickey Cambridge $120
4 Dan Schaffer Timmins $80
Bump Ups $385
1st Paul Doiron Timmins $300 and Canadians Entry
2 Kevin Booker Scarborough $150
3 Brent Bedard Guelph $100
4 Jerry Spence Timmins $50
Bump Ups $275
1st Denise Belanger Toronto $400 Canadian’s Entry
2 Carrie Dwyer Cambridge $200
3 Rachel D’Emmanuelle Barrie $100
1st Daile Moffat Barrie $200 Canadian’s Entry
2 Sara Cattrell Barrie $100
3 Carolina Fernandez Newmarket $50
Bump Ups $150
1st Carrie Dwyer / Rob Brandenburg Cambridge Falcon Cues
2 Brittany Bryant / Paul Duell Guelph $150
3 Denise Belanger / Louie Fazekas Toronto / Sudbury $55
1st Brew Crew Newmarket $1000 and Canadian’s Entry
2 Kuy’s Guys Newmarket $500
3 Dirt Shootin Demons Barrie $200
1st Geezers Cambridge $500 and Canadian’s Entry
2 Colby’s Brantford $250
3 Jokers Wild Toronto $150
Bump Ups $825
1st The Charlotte Room Toronto $400 and Canadian’s Entry
2 Rolling Again Barrie $200
3 Bill’s Buds Newmarket $150
4 Aim to Please Cambridge $100
5/6 Big $pender$ Newmarket $50
Aces High Newmarket $50
Bump Ups $550
1st Stroke it Good Cambridge $650 and Canadian’s Entry
2 Delicious Hamilton $275
3 Stacked Racks Brampton $120
1st Tony’s Sharkettes Guelph $300 and Canadian’s Entry
2 8-BALL-ITIS Toronto $150
3 Rack Pack Cambridge $80
Bump Ups $300

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