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2008 CCS Canadian National 8 Ball Championship Results

The Who’s Who in Pool Come to Play
The 13th Annual 2008 CCS Canadian National 8 Ball Championships were held Easter Weekend March 18-22nd 2008 at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel in Toronto, Ontario. With a team turnout 50% bigger than last year, and player representation once again from coast to coast, the fields were probably the strongest ever. Thanks to divisionalization and a very strong Player Ranking System, the competition was exciting and fun to watch in all Events.
A real crowd favourite was the tireless and highly entertaining ‘Dr. Cue’ – Tom Rossman, many time World and North American Artistic Pool Champion, who put on shows from morning to night for 3 straight days. You had to see the shots to believe them – incredible. Dr. Cue will be back next year.
Here are the hi-lites:
Mens Team
In the A Advanced Division, the team of On The Snap (Captain – Wayne Dwyer, Fonze Chiong, Mike Latourneau, John Jorgensen, Larry Firth, Eric Hildebrand, Roger Purdessy) from Scarborough ON were not to be denied over very tough competition. Going A Side all the way, they won the Final in 32 minutes over last year’s Champions from Calgary AB – Team Spain OLA! (Captain – Mike Burton, Jeremy Smith, Pete Sky, Mark Vinogradov and Brad Whyte). The team Goodfellas from Calgary AB moved up a spot this year finishing third while the The Rock from Toronto ON got edged out and finished fourth.
The B Open Division was won Out In 60 Seconds (Captain Gary May) from London ON over the Ontario Demolition Derby (Captain Bob King, Cory Booth, Michael Gallacher, Nick King, Jason Weinhold) from Peterborough ON.
The C Standard Division was won by Drunk For Success (Captain – D.J.Ward, Ed Ward, Mike Loponen, Trent Kowaluk, Gerry Power) over Spare Change (Captain Robert Soldat, Mike Murray, Ray O’Campo, Ted Solomon, Don Stevanov) from Brampton ON.
Womens Team
In the A Advanced Division, familiar faces returned to win it all with a team called SK8 BYU (Captain – Karen Summers, Jackie Summers, Grace Nakamura, Leslie Pasiekam, Marcie Dunbar) from Toronto ON in a very exciting two set Final over Fully Loaded (Captain – Denise Belanger, Krista Walsh, Judy Walsh, Cindy Bristow, Marina Linguerri) also from Toronto ON. Third place was captured by On A Mission from Cambridge ON.
The B Open Division was won by Instroke (Captain – Susan Wipper, Brittany Bryant, Yonette Alphonso, Maryanne Burchill) from Brampton ON over Da Gurlz (Captain – Dee Mallek, Yvonne Metawabin, Denise Sutherlan, Irmele Niemi, Reannen Mallek, Diane Claveau) from Timmins ON.
Mens Singles
In the A Advanced Division, Edwin Montal of Calgary AB, having just won the 2008 BC Championships, went on to claim the National Title in a star studded field by winning a two set Final over fellow Calgarian Dave Martin. Remarkably, Dave has been in the Finals the last four times he’s been at the Canadians, winning it all in 2005. Jason Klatt of Winnipeg MB, winner the last two years, finished 3rd and Eric Hjorleifson of Toronto ON, last year’s Finalist, finished in 4th.
The B Open Division was won by Chris Russell of North York ON over Martin Yacobazzo of Mississauga ON. Having played in CCS events before, both players had a remarkable tourney. With C Standard rankings, they both started in the Qualifying, got bumped up to the B Open Finals and went on to finish 1st and 2nd .
The C Standard Division was won by Jeremiah Hampton of Calgary AB over Joseph Herne of Akwesane, ON. Two very strong up and coming Junior players, Ryan Machell of Keswick ON and Spencer Leclair of Barrie ON finished 3rd and 4th.
Womens Singles

Brittany Bryant
In the A Advanced Division, it was a two-peat for Denise Belanger of Toronto ON who won out over the well known, 2003 National Champion, Rachael Abbink of London ON. Denise’s remarkable string of top 4 finishes continues at 11 in a row. Brittany Bryant of Guelph ON finished 3rd and Cindy Bristow of Ottawa ON finished 4th.
The B Open Division was won by Kristy DeVries of Toronto ON over Becky Bredow of Newmarket ON.
Junior Singles
In the 18 & Under Division, It was Spencer Leclair who won in the finals over Brittany Bryant with Matt Thibodeau finishing 3rd.
In the 14 & Under Division, it was Michael Scott who won out in the finals over Cody Sears with Melissa Bagnato finishing 3rd.
Special thanks to Falcon Cues who provided a cue to each of the Champs and to Brian Bedford, the owner of Dunlop Billiards in Barrie ON and a CCS Director, who took time out from his own busy play schedule to organize the Juniors Event.
Scotch Doubles
For the first time, this event was changed to a pre-entry, pre-scheduled event with two divisions which was very well received by the players.
In the A Advanced Division, in another very tough field, it was Jason Klatt ( 2006 and 2007 National Singles Champ) from Winnipeg ON co and Leanne Amable of Toronto ON. The team of Jason Georgei and Mia Bielak from Cambridge ON finished 3rd.
In the B Open Division, it was the team of Martin Yacobazzo and Jane Adams from Mississauga ON who won out in the Finals over Chris Russell and Renee Colley of Toronto ON.
The Canadian Cue Sport Association wishes to thank the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel for hosting us once again, Hi Country Promotions of Las Vegas for the Valley Tables and the usual stellar Tournament Direction by Gary Benson himself, the ACS certified Referee Crew headed by Wayne Dwyer from Scarborough ON and all the Sponsors – Falcon Cues, Don Broos Cue Services, F.G. Bradley, Table Sports Canada and BDR Transfers.
The 2009 CCS 14th Annual Canadian National 8 Ball Championships will be held on Easter Weekend April 7-11th at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel in Toronto ON. For more information, visit or call (403) 278-4180.
1st Edwin Montal (AB) $ 2000 + 09 Return Trip
2 Dave Martin (AB) 1000
3 Jason Klatt (MB) 750
4 Erik Hjorleifson (ON) 500
5/6 Brad Whyte (AB) 300
Tyler Edey (AB)
7/8 Sky, Pete (AB) 175
Rob Hall (ON)
1st Mark Downey (AB) 400
2 Rob Keating (ON) 200
1st Chris Russell (ON) $ 1000 + 09 A Entry
2 Martin Yacobazzo (ON) 500
3 Vincent Chrysler (ON) 350
4 Chris Harms (AB) 250
1st Chris Russell (ON) 400
2 Vincent Chrysler (ON) 250
3/4 Michael Gallacher (ON) 125
Martin Yacobazzo (ON)
1st Jeremiah Hampton (AB) $ 1000 + 09 B Entry
2 Joseph Herne (ON) 500
3 Ryan Machell (ON) 350
4 Spencer Leclair (ON) 200
5/6 Nick King (ON) 150
Robert Soldat (ON)
7/8 Brian Stewart (ON) 100
John White (ON)
1st Denise Belanger (ON) $ 1000 + 09 Return Trip
2 Rachel Abbink (ON) 500
3 Brittany Bryant (ON) 250
4 Cindy Bristow (ON) 150
1st Kristy DeVries (ON) $ 750 + 09 A Entry
2 Becky Bredow (ON) 400
3 Susan Wipper (ON) 250
4 Grace Costa (ON) 125
1st Jason Klatt (MB) / Rachel Abbink (ON) $ 600 + Falcon Cues + 09 A Entry
2 Tyler Edey (AB) / Leanne Amable (ON) 300
3 Jason Geogei (ON) / Mia Bielak (ON) 200
4 Rob Brandenburg (ON) / Denise Belanger (ON) 100
1st Martin Yacobazzo (ON) / Jane Adams $ 350 + 09 A Entry
2 Chris Russell (ON) / Renee Colley 200
3 Joseph Herne / Melanie Herne 80
1st On The Snap (ON) $ 2500 + 09 Return Trip
2 Team Spain OLA! (AB) 1200
3 Goodfellas (AB) 700
4 The Rock (ON) 350
1st Comin In Late (ON) 750
2 Team Canada Eh! (AB) 300
1st Out In 60 Seconds (ON) $ 1400 + 09 A Entry
2 Ontario Demolition Derby (ON) 900
3 Legion Of Doom (ON) 600
4 Young Guns (ON) 300
1st Toppers (ON) 750
2 Trouble Shooters (ON) 500
3/4 Hitmen (ON) 250
Slick Sticks (ON) 250
1st Drunk For Success $ 1400 + 09 B Entry
2 Spare Change (ON) 900
3 Git ‘R Done (ON) 600
4 S.T.A.L.Y. (ON) 400
5/6 Pocket Aces (ON) 250
Bust and Balls 250
1st SK8 BYU (ON) $ 1200 + 09 Return Trip
2 Fully Loaded (ON) 600
3 On A Mission (ON) 300
1st Instroke (ON) $ 900
2 Da Gurlz (ON) 500
3 As The Cue Flies (ON) 250

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