Canadian Championships

Full Results from the 2017 Canadian Pool Championships

From May 23rd to May 28th, the Canadian Billiards & Snooker Association (CBSA) hosted the 22nd Annual Canadian Pool Championships at the Black Lake Arena in Thetford Mines, Quebec. The seven-day event had a full schedule which included tournaments in 8 different divisions:
Straight Pool
Speed Pool
Bank Pool
Junior Pool
The CBSA is recognized internationally by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA). With this recognition, winners of this event are given the opportunity to represent Canada at the World Pool Championships, and most other major International pool events.

Women’s Events
Once again, Naomi Williams and Brittany Bryant have added a few more national titles to their already impressive resumes. Naomi Williams won the 8-Ball event and Brittany Bryant won both the 9-Ball and 10-Ball. These ladies always manage to get the job done when the heat is on – a sign of a true champion. In the amateur division, Lynnette Valencia and Marie-France Blanchette came out on top of the 8-Ball and 9-Ball events, respectively. It’s only a matter of time before these players will be a threat in the open events.

Women’s 8-Ball 10 Players Payout
1st Naomi Williams $1,850
2nd Veronique Menard $550
3rd Brittany Bryant $360
Women’s 9-Ball 9 Players Payout
1st Brittany Bryant $1,900
2nd Veronique Menard $550
3rd Naomi Williams $360


Women’s 10-Ball 7 Players Payout
1st Brittany Bryant $1,830
2nd Naomi Williams $450
3rd Janet Ritcey $300


Women’s Amateur 8-Ball 10 Players Payout
1st Lynnette Valencia $1,000
2nd Marie-France Blanchette $650
3rd Valerie Bedard $400
4th Simone Lloyd $300


Women’s Amateur 9-Ball  13 Players Payout
1st Marie-France Blanchette $1,100
2nd Nathalie Chabot $750
3rd Valerie Bedard $530
4th Lisa David $375

Open Events

The first of the open events was 8-Ball. It was Adam Monture who stole the show as he marched through the event undefeated beating one champion after another. Adam has been tearing up the scene in Ontario playing, and winning, in nearly every tournament he enters. His efforts have finally paid off with his first National title winning 11-7 against Jason Klatt in the finals.

Open 8-Ball 30 Players Payout
1st Adam Monture $3,250
2nd Jason Klatt $1,150
3rd John Morra $870
4th Erik Hjorleifson $650
5-6th Francis Crevier $500
5-6th Alain Martel $500
7-8th Guillaime McNicoll $400
7-8th Luc Salvas $400

In the 9-Ball event, John Morra proved that he can still play despite his decision to take a break from the game earlier this year. In the final match, John narrowly edged out Erik Hjorleifson with a 15-14 score. “One of the best final matches I’ve ever watched!” said John White of the CBSA.

Open 9-Ball 36 Players Payout
1st John Morra $3,450
2nd Erik Hjorleifson $1,425
3rd Martin Daigle $1,125
4th Alain Martel $850
5-6th Luc Salvas $625
5-6th Jason Klatt $625
7-8th Adam Monture $440
7-8th Francis Crevier $440

In 10-Ball, John Morra continued his winning ways staying on the A-side on route to the finals. On the B-side it was Jason Klatt who was determined not to go home empty-handed. In the end, Jason Klatt took the national 10-ball title with a 13-10 victory.

Open 10-Ball 36 Players Payout
1st Jason Klatt $3,600
2nd John Morra $1,300
3rd Alain Martel $1,000
4th Danny Hewitt $770
5-6th Luc Salvas $570
5-6th Francis Crevier $570
7-8th Martin Daigle $415
7-8th Erik Hjorleifson $415

For the first time ever, the CBSA added 4 new open divisions; Straight Pool, One Pocket, Bank Pool and Speed Pool. Alain Martel demonstrated that he is still one of Canada`s best all-around players as he won Straight Pool, One-Pocket and Bank Pool, 3 of these 4 new events. Luc “The Machine Gun” Salvas remains the fastest Canadian player around winning the speed pool event. Luc plays so fast, I once saw him shoot the 7, 8 and 9 only to rattle the 7-ball.

One Pocket 13 Players Payout
1st Alain Martel $300
2nd Luc Salvas $200
3-4th Greg Plester $75
3-4th Dany Nguyen $75
Straight Pool 21 Players Payout
1st Alain Martel $450
2nd Francis Crevier $300
3-4th Bryan Depencier $150
3-4th Brian Massender $150
Bank Pool 23 Players Payout
1st Alain Martel $500
2nd Dany Nguyen $300
3-4th Greg Plester $175
3-4th Shane Gummerson $175
Speed Pool 8 Players Payout
1st Luc Salvas $400
2nd Erik Hjorleifson $200
3-4th Alain Martel $50
3-4th Greg Plester $50

Amateur Divisions
These two events had the highest number of participants. The 8-Ball event had 42 players with Rod Arsenault coming out on top over Paul Duell in the finals.

Amateur 8-Ball 42 Players Payout  
1st Rodney Arsenault $1,350 & Ring & 2018 Entry with Hotel
2nd Paul Duell $1,235  
3rd Stefane Godinho $900  
4th Rene Brind’Amour $600  
5-6th Paul Gordon $400  
5-6th Shane Gummerson $400  
7-8th Timothy Bristow $300  
7-8th Kyle Richard $300  

Paul Duell redeemed himself in the 51 player 9-Ball event winning 11-8 over Sumon Sarkar in the finals.

Amateur 9-Ball 51 Players Payout  
1st Paul Duell $1,400 & Ring & 2018 Entry with Hotel
2nd Sumon Sarkar $1,270  
3rd Shane Gummerson $950  
4th Rene Brind’Amour $660  
5-6th Greg Plester $430  
5-6th Stefane Godinho $430  
7-8th Denis Neron $300  
7-8th Jean-Francois Neault $300  
9-12th Brad Guthrie $240  
9-12th Rodney Arsenault $240  
9-12th Jonathan Thibeault $240  
9-12th Claude Cote $240  

Junior Division
Nicolas Carinci won the U19’s over William Cadieu Meloch. In the U17 division, Dean Cuillerier defeated Brenden Croft 7-3 in a field of 14. It was the largest turnout in the Juniors and it was split it into two divisions for this reason. All 4 finalists qualified to represent Canada at the World Junior Championships in Moscow this October.  Participation in the WPA World Juniors is also divided into U19 and U17 divisions which are subject to verification of the age of the participants who have qualified as well.

Juniors U17 14 Players
1st Dean Cuillerier
2nd Brenden Croft
3rd Tommy Cayer
Juniors U19 5 Players
1st Nicolas Carinci
2nd William Cadieu Meloche
3rd Jerome Nadeau

Full Brackets are available at compusport
Live streaming of the event was sponsored by Eventime, and provided by Billardquebec.
Photos provided by the CBSA.

Special thanks to everyone involved who worked together to make this event a success. Hope to see you all again next year

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