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“Friends of the CBSA” Prize Winners


The CBSA would like to announce its latest “Friends of the CBSA” prize winners……


Congratulations to both of you and thanks to everyone who supported us!
The “Friends of the CBSA” program is an individual sponsorship program.  In the program a person pays an annual membership fee of $20 and in exchange receives the following benefits:

  • Qualify for special offers & draws
  • Receive the CBSA E-Blast newsletter to keep up-to-date on the latest Canadian pool news, player results, and CBSA events
  • Acknowledgment on the website

As an example if 1000 people became “Friends of the CBSA” we could have $20,000 to add to our events each year. There must be at least that many people in Canada who love the game of pool and who would like to see it grow and improve.
Please become a member today!
Sign up with PayPal here.
For more information please contact CBSA Vice President, Kyle Richard any of the CBSA board members or you can visit our website
If you cannot become a member please tell every person that you know who plays cue sports in Canada about the “Friends of the CBSA” program.
In the coming months the CBSA will have an additional “Friends of the CBSA” program in motion.
Stay tuned for future draws and thank you!

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